Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The fog is lifting

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Dear friends, today is better, only one nap this morning and quietness so far... I have been feeling a bit more alert, but not quite all together quite yet.  It's a frustrating process being in and out, living and breathing, but not really interacting with life or people.    

This week's chemo was a different experience for me than the first round.  The first round was rough with nausea being the underlying issue.  What I didn't understand was the fatigue that enveloped me with this second round.  In hind site of course, I was probably just as fatigued last week, but being in the hospital more than likely masked the symptoms compared to being at home.  From my experience from just the two chemo sessions, it appears that it will be nearly a full week's time for me to recover from each session... that essentially means that half my life will be spent floating along.

This round of chemo was slightly different as well in regards to other types of symptoms.  The first round I had a short bout of very achy legs but that was it for muscle soreness.  This time, no achy legs, but I did have achy muscles mostly around my shoulders and chest area. Mouth sores seemed to be a bit worse this time around but not debilitating.  I've heard that they can get very painful for some so I feel lucky.  I've had a sore throat as well, but I'm attributing that to the sores as well. 

You also know that I had Kevin shave my hair off and that was because my hair was starting to consistently fall out, but ironically, it is still sort of growing.  Instead of a smooth bald head, I have a stubbly bald head.  I think this is funny and interesting.  Kevin asked if me if I thought we cut it too soon, but I don't think so. 

I will also mention that this head shaving incident has changed my shower moment... no, I didn't have a shower moment, but I was really cold and opted to use the shower to warm myself and let me tell you, when I do have that shower moment, it won't be the same without hair, long or short.

And totally incidental here, I thought I'd share a quick picture of my oldest... he was out with family a lot during Christmas and he was short changed in the picture area.  Now he has a head of hair to die for... all the ladies oohhed and aahhed over it since the day he was born.  My child is also blatantly honest and no he won't share!   If you also notice, I'm sporting a new hat that was just sent to me from a new crafty friend named Dawn who was willing to share a piece of herself with me along with her mad hat knitting skills and not too shabby card skills too! 

And one last note for today, as you can see from my shout out list, I not only feel loved and enveloped, but I am loved and enveloped by the most wonderful crafting community that I could ever have ever imagined existed.  Strangers and friends have poured their talent and their enthusiasm for a craft that continues to carry me along on my journey.  I love you all and embrace the strength that you are willing to share with me.

Until next time.



Saskia said...

Hello Katie,

It's so good to read that you're feeling a little bit beter! That makes me so happy! :)
I love that new hat! And your son... great, beautiful boy!! I think you've got a very warm and lovely family! Take care Katie!!!

Sweet greetings from Belgium,
(yes, worldwide love for you!!)
Saskia :)

Joan B said...

oh my goodness. this is rough. you know we wish we could remove this burden from you and your family. HUGS.

cbuswell said...

SO glad you're feeling a little better. Another great hat! I don't know if you're a fan of honey but Manuka honey is great for sore throats I use it whenever I get one, it has wonderful healing and anti-bacterial properties too.

Claire's cards said...

Hi Katie, great to see you're feeling a little better, I like the new hat, and your boy is some handsome fellow.
I am a great fan of honey as well and use it for a sore throat. I hope you keep improving this week ready for the next round, hang in there girl, we will keep on supporting you.
The crafting community never fails to amaze me, in the past I found that if one hurts we all try and help to minimise that hurt as much as we can. On a brighter note, the happy moments are shared and spread around as well.I'm a firm believer in sharing, it makes the road in front of us easier to travel.
Claire xxx

Anonymous said...

Katie you look great. I'm so glad the fog is lifting.
Much love from Texas...
Hugs & Blessings...

~amy~ said...

I'm so glad that the fog is lifting...super hat and your boy is toooo cute:)

Cassie said...

Hey Katie. . .glad the fog is lifting. You look cute in that hat ;) Yes, your son does have some awesome hair. My son is the same way. His hair is so think that even when you try to pull it back to see scalp, you still have a hard time seeing scalp. He says it actually hurts to get hair cuts, lol. Keep feeling better, and if I could knit. . .I would totally send you a hat ;)

Ted said...

Katie, take from our strength and use what you need. Always remember that hundreds, if not thousands are praying for you and that God listens to our prayers. Stay strong. :)

Theresa Momber said...

What a beautiful photo with your son! Love the new hat. So glad that fog is lifting. Sending strength and hugs!!!

Dawn said...

Glad that you received the hat - and that it fit! I will be praying for you - you will come through this!

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
I am praying for you. Your courage and honesty is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences.

Mary D.

ribenaruby said...

Hi Katie, just popping by to say healing vibes and lots of comforting prayers are being sent your way. You're such a great kind person and I'm deeply touched by what you're going through. Take care, Ruby x

Hazeyj said...

Hello Katie, it's hard to put this into words but I have the deepest respect for you, telling it how it is with no self-pity.Your experience must be incredibly trying and yet you always display concerns for your family, friends and yes, complete strangers. Lady, you are one brave being and it is an honour for me to give what little comfort I am able to. Hugs to you and to your family, Hazel x

Jan said...

Hi Katie, I'm pleased you are feeling a little better. I'm sending you my prayers and healing vibes for your speedy recovery.
Gentle hugs x Jan

bradsmom06 said...

Hi Katie,

I just found your blog and your story today. I first want to say I am sorry. I know you have probably heard that a million times but I don't know what else to say. You are a stranger but my heart is completely broken for you and your loved ones.

Stay strong. I wish you the best.

Julia Aston said...

Stopping by to say Hi Katie - and wish you well on this journey - I honestly think of you every day and send a prayer towards heaven - You look great in your hats by the way - I have always hated hats and don't look good in them so I don't know what I would do!

Glad you are feeling better today than yesterday - that's probably how it will go for you..

with much love and many hugs!

Barbara said...

Hi Katie,
Popping in again to say hello and that I continue to include you in my prayers. Remember
You are strong, you are confident, you are calm because you have your God, husband and children, family and friends, praying for you - to help you win this battle.

You will adjust my dear- you are still the person you always were just minus a little hair and that is probably just for now. I know this b/c I too have adjusted. You can do anything when you have the support of family and friends.
My face is disfigured b/c they literally had the gut the side of my face to remove a tumour. My son and I now joke about my fat cheek. I have changed - but for the better. Your priorities change.

Many blessings to you and yours
Barbara from CT

Curt in Carmel said...

The picture of you and your son is so good. And you look wonderful in your hat. It always brings me joy to see you looking better and sounding better. You look absolutely great in the picture. Enjoy these good days and draw from them on the not so good days. . . thoughts and prayers still with you! Best, Curt

Linda S. said...

Hi Katie, I just wanted to say thanks for posting new pictures. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Son, both on the inside and outside. You can see the concern on his face, but even stronger, you can see the love he has for his Mother. The second is much stronger, and you should be proud. Stay Strong.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Katie - I am so happy for you that the stamping world has stepped up and embraced you! Many many thanks to Jak for being such a totally awesome friend and letting us know your story and linking your blog for us to be able to cyber-send you love and strength during this difficult journey! My prayers are with you nightly, and I hope you have many better days than not!
Sending your lots and lots of {{HUGS}}

Andrea6760 said...

I have been a long time follower of Jak's blog and today she posted a link to yours so I thought I would stop in and say Hello. I read a few of your last posts and will catch up on the rest after I leave my note here.

Now I must warn you that I have this habit of rambling on and on once I get started, so not to overwhelm you just meeting for the first time I will try to make this quick.

First I want to let you know that from what I have read and heard about you, you are an incredibly brave woman and I am honored that are allowing me to see into your life as you go through your chemo.

I have and have had very good friends who have had cancer and have seen good and bad times during their treatments. If I can add any sort of distraction, humor or even gabby conversation to help you, I would be happy to try my best!

When my sister in law had Leukemia, I sent her postcards daily to cover her hospital room and also made a small comicstrip of my 2 kids when they were 1 and a newborn. My son David was born 20 months after his sister Shannon, and she used to call him DAYBED. She had a full head of curly hair so I drew this little stick baby figure with curls and it became the adventures of Shannon and Daybed! Since they are now 18 and nearly 17, I dont think they would be amused if I brought it out of retirement. LOL

Ok..see Im rambling here already. I will sign off for now, but wanted to let you know that I LOVE your hats and your courage! Keep your chin up and rest as you need, let your body heal and take the help as it is offered. It is all done with love and those that love you do not think twice about any of it.

I will check in as I can and hope that you start tomorrow on a happy note. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not think twice to ask and I will be glad to help! If you need more hats just say the word, my sister knits like a machine!

Take care and have a good night!


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
Just a little note to say that even as far away as South Africa, you have prayers and warm thoughts being sent your way. Please know that your courage and strength are inspirational and much admired. I trust that you are feeling stronger and less foggy today. Take care and know that you are loved and most precious.
Warmest regards
Vee in Cape Town, RSA

Sue W said...

Hi Katie, just popping in to check on you! Glad you're feeling better today than yesterday and hoping tomorrow is better still!
How fabulous that you suite hats!!!! I would look terrible........
You are blessed with a loving family and now this extended family all fighting in your corner.....Take care.

Grandma Nancy said...

I am still thinking about you and your family and praying for you on a daily basis. It is comforting to see the e-mail reminder for your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Feel better soon and keep fighting!! Nancy R

Holly said...


So good to read that the day was better. There are so many people who are keeping you and your family close in their hearts and minds - and it's good that you can feel that despite the days of fatigue.

You are doing so well! You look awesome!
-Holly from SoCal

Katherine Josh said...

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