Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clear Dollar Stamps Sneak Peak #4

Wow, we are up to day 4 already. That means TOMORROW is the day for ordering - yahoo! I'm going to just ambush you today with what I have left.

First, I want to start off with a single stamp that will be available for purchase. One of the neat things about Clear Dollar Stamps that I personally LOVE is that there are individual stamps, smaller sets, as well as the larger stamp sets available. This is the perfect example of diversity! There is really a choice for everyone and for everyone's budget.

So, to get back to my sample. For some reason, I love the idea of the tooth fairy. I don't really remember all the details of when I was young, but they must have been good because I remember fondly the ritual of losing my teeth and getting that something special from the Tooth Fairy. In my case, I had a tooth fairy pillow. The pillow is approximately 5"square with a little pocket on the back to put your tooth in and to receive that "treat". The scalloped tag houses a neat little poem about the tooth fairy. Just recently, my Mom gave me the one I used as a child and I have made several "updated" versions for friends. That is what I did with this pillow.

I made this pillow with my best friend's little girl in mind. Brenda has two boys and one little girl is just a couple of months younger than my twins. If you haven't guessed it already, she is the princess in that household.

I purchased one of those iron on gemstone transfers and attached it to my pillow and then on the little pocket I stamped the soon to be available tooth fairy stamp. In your case, all you have to do is personalize it with a fabric marker with your child's name, initials, and maybe the date of the first lost tooth. This stamp would also be great in a scrapbook to celebrate the loss of teeth.

Now, I also had to make one that was a bit more of a boy theme, but I changed it up and used a tin rather than a pillow. I could totally see a little treasure chest altered with the tooth fairy stamp onto a little round tag. How cute would that be? Anyway, here is my tin.

I even made a little soft pillow to go inside to house that precious tooth.

I remember that my oldest was so thrilled to lose his first tooth and we made a HUGE deal of it. I think Kevin put in 5 bucks that first night. I know, I can hear many of you gasping in astonishment, but let me tell you that every other time was the normal (I'm assuming normal - what do you all do?) 2 or 4 quarters. It was usually whatever we could scrounge up.

And that is if we remembered. OH MY Gosh - give me the Bad Mommy award here. So often I would forget and have to come up with some super uber lame reason as to why the Tooth Fairy didn't make it.

Anyway, now that you know my deep dark secret, I do have one more stamp set to share with you. This one is another favorite of mine and of course it is Charlie looking ever so cute as a reindeer.

I have a lot of pictures so I'm just going to post. If you have any questions you are free to ask because I promise I'll answer. This is a long post for me and I'm going to cut it short towards the end. If I get time, I'll add all the little details later.
Just a little fluff on his antlers.

Close up:

Changing up the color scheme here. I love blues and whites for the holidays.

And another close up. I added glitter to the embossed snowflakes.

Thanks for sticking with me. Just one more day and you can fill up those shopping carts :)


Vickilyn said...

Katie -

I always find the best stuff on your blog!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of those stamps!!!

Mandy said...

Oh, how fun are all of these things! Top notch!

Lauren said...

WOW! Fabulous post. I love all the projects.

Anonymous said...

Such cute samples Katie! Love the Charlie Reindeer card in blue!

Joan Ervin said...

I just love all the sneak peaks, Katie!!! Charlie is just too adorable....your coloring is gorgeous, too!!!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Cute sneak peaks! Love Charlie as the Reindeer!

Laurie Wilson said...

Your cards are so cute and I love how much detail you include on your blog about them! So much fun to read too!

Gloria Stengel said...

These are so cute they made me giggle. LOVE these stamps and your cards are very sweet.

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