Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boys will be Boys

Well mine will be anyway. Having an age discrepancy between my oldest and the twins, the little ones of course emulate anything and everything their older brother does and says. Well, the oldest is very much into "weaponry" and "shooting" noises whether they be lasers or whatever so what do I get from the little ones?? I'm sure you don't have to do too much deductive reasoning on that one.

It all started yesterday afternoon when Nate took out these plastic popsicle handles out of the drawer. For some reason he also wanted socks on his hands and he subsequently used the popsicle handles as his weapon of choice. Throughout all of this he also kept repeating the word "fight" in his very cutest 2 year old voice. In the house, he and Will battled it out - Nate with the popsicle handles (did I mention that he had socks on his hands?) and Will had two small plastic bats. I swear neither of them were in imminent peril (haha). This whole story is shedding a not too attractive light on my mothering skills huh? If you aren't too terribly disturbed, please keep on reading.

So we took the play outside and he continued with his popsicle handles (aka swords) and the other two found every size and shape of stick to play with.

All in all fun was had by all, until it was time to go in and this is what I got.

I hope you enjoy the pictures even though they aren't craft related :)



Theresa Tyree said...

I live in the same world as you, Katie, when it comes to boys, however the age discrepancy is much bigger between my two at home. It's funny that your boys are into the guns thing too. Connor lives, eats and breathes shooting stuff! IT's so darned cute, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

I always love to see your boys, it's funny what they do!

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