Friday, February 1, 2008

Just a tale of 2 boys who don't stay in their crib

Good morning all! I had to share this story from last night. My twins have been climbing out of their crib (yes, they still share and no, they don't bother each other). For the most part they are good about staying in until after their nap or after a good night's sleep, until last night.

Every night when I go to bed I take a peek at them (just because). Well, last night was no different and when I gently and carefully opened the door, I heard a bump and thought what is blocking the door? Well, I look down and there is little Will trying to sleep while his Mommy is trying to open the door. The next thing I do is look for his brother and low and behold he is sleeping in between the crib and the wall all cuddled up with his bear bear's.

Unfortunately, since I had woken Will up in the process there was no opportunity to take any pictures, but I thought it was sweet that they were both sound asleep anyway with or without the bed.

We are going to be transitioning the boys into toddler beds now that they can get out and we shall see how that goes.

Wish us luck!!


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The Zerbst Family said...

Lily used to do the same thing once she got into a toddler bed. It was comforting for her to fall asleep right next to the door, just like Will. She must have liked being able to hear the grownups talking out here in the family room as she fell asleep. We always check on her before we go to bed, too, and it made it tough when she was a sleeping DEAD WEIGHT on the other side of the door! I'm really glad she grew out of that phase...

Good luck with the toddler beds. Don't forget to take pictures. :o) And smooch those darling twins for me!!

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