Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My HATRED of Food

Dear friends,

Ooooh, laaaa, laaaa!!!  What a title huh?  I'm telling you, at this point in the game, I'm not sure there is much love floating around for any type of food.  Today is day 6 if you include last Thursday which was chemo day.  I have yet to have a full meal let alone a dish or even a small meal.  It just can't be done.  If it's not the odor, it's the look, it's the taste, it's the texture, or it's just the simple fact that it won't stay down!

I know it will get better, but I hate waiting for it.  As of right now, I am at least to the point that I can think of food and htink about what that first item is that I want to eat.  I can dream about it...

On the upside, I thought I would some share some photos from our yard.  I brought the peonies inside since they are so heavy and I honestly like the plants with just the greenery.

We love our fuschias on the front porch.

My favorite rose.  Kevin's mom sent us these when we first got married nearly 18 years ago.

The strawberries that Kevin's Mom planted way back in March... we are thrilled with the growth.

And the veggies that we planted a few weeks ago.

Until next time.



Robyn said...

Wow Katie !!SO impressed with your fuschias! My DH loves them but ours do not look like that! Hugs to you!

Gina said...

Those peonies are magnificent!!! I guess pink is your favourite colour :D Have you tried strawberry ice cream? That's what your flowers made me want haha! :D XXX

Kathy said...

Sometimes I hate food too, but not because I'm nauseous-just because I have to make a decision for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day! Love all your gorgeous blooming plants, especially the fuschias!! Gorgeous roses too-what a wonderful mom-in-law you have! You are surrounded by so much beauty, Katie:)

Whimcees said...

Hi Katie!

I love the photos! Such beautiful flowers - they must bring you much joy!

Hopefully you will soon be able to enjoy eating also - so many issues for you to deal with! Your determination is awesome!

Wishing you a good day today Katie!


Barbara Diane

Shazza said...

hope you get your appetite back soon, love the pics x

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
As far as the food, just a little at a time, whatever gives you pleasure at the moment. ;)


Sue from Oregon said...

Oh Katie, that just sucks. I hope you feel better soon, July is just around the corner!

Lovely flowers-I love fuschia's!

jackib said...

So sorry the nausea continues for you....:( On the up side, your flowers - all of them - are absolutely gorgeous! You must be taking good care of them - amazing! Feel better...

Linda said...

Katie, you amaze me.. food is such a taken for granted thing in our life.. it really has got to stink to lose the ability to not just enjoy it, but to even tolerate it. Yet, you just throw that in, and focus on the beauty of the flowers.
I am learning from you, thank you

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