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I'd like to thank ShareaCard for sponsoring my story this month.  I just received a lot of amazing cards from their members just the other day.  If you could head on over to check out their non profit organization, I'd appreciate it.  

This is their mission statement:
The mission of ShareaCard is to send a message of encouragement to those suffering from serious illness and in need of cheer. This will happen thru the mailing of greeting cards to those in need.

If you know someone that is need of cheer via cards (handmade or store bought), feel free to suggest them as a ShareaCard feature.


Dear friends,

Finally, finally, I'm feeling better.  This last week was tough, but as usual, you were there to keep me going!  I thought I'd describe a little of what was happening with my physically.  For the most part, I've been following a pattern of sorts where I would start feeling better by Tuesday, but the last couple of rounds of chemo have taken a bit longer to get over the side effects, the main ones being the fatigue and nausea.  My oncologist did say way back when that the effects can be accumulative as time goes on.  These last two sessions are leaning towards this direction.

There are a couple of other issues that are starting to play a role too.  Last Thursday (morning of chemo) I woke up nauseated.  I knew this wasn't right because this is the one time that I had felt good.  Yes, I always got anxious the night before, but physically I have always felt the best right before each chemo session.  Add this to the fact that medical smells and such were also starting to affect me more strongly, plus whenever I'd start talking to someone about the process of chemo, it would again bring up slight nauseousness as well.  What all this boils down to is my BRAIN... not so easy to shut down and when combined with "real" icky feelings its hard to trust it.

Anyway, I'm going to sign up for some free sessions of visualization techniques that are available to cancer patients, as well as some acupuncture.   I realize I will probably need some help dealing with the psychosomatic symptoms and if it will help in other ways then kudos to the world and me!  Trust me, I'll keep you all posted.

The other ailment that was more annoying than debilitating was body soreness.  I can only assume that this might be the result of the neupogen shots?  I don't know,  except for the fact that to touch me was to make me sore.  This muscle achiness ran all the way from the bottom of ears, jaw, neck, down to my thighs.

And above all, the nausea... whoaaa nelly that was the ultimate killer.  When I'm nauseous, my mouth waters like you won't believe and add that to the fact that even water tastes bad, it's just a bad combo.  I have this urge to spit every 10 seconds, like I said, the whole experience is just gross.  I'd rather be so fatigued that I could sleep 4 days straight!!!  One more component that just adds to the mess and confusion can be the difficulty to keep up on the timing of taking all the different medications.

But the point is yay... its looking like the sun is shining on the other side!  I had an incredible urge to craft so I created a quick card for ya'll!!!  Oops, picture is slightly blurry, but a nice sweet and simple card.

Ingredients are mostly Papertrey ink

Until next time.


Novice Naturalist said...

Hi Katie! Thank you for the Share a Card link. I'm glad you are feeling better, and I think the visualization sessions are a great idea. I have had some good luck with those in the past but admittedly I was not having to deal with physical nausea--to my mind the worst physical feeling--worse than pain even. And I have had several friends who have had amazing results from acupuncture. You are so right. KUDOS to you! You remain an inspiration. Love and hugs to you and yours. Big hugs! Jay

Joan B said...

wonderful card. I love those graphic elements! Glad to see the urge to craft was there.

Ugh -- the nausea and body aches sound so horrible. It just permeates your skin. As far as the acupuncture and visualization, go for it! So glad you are reaching out for additional sources of support and relief. My theory has always been "whatever works." And stress can aggravate any other symptom to an amazing degree. What works for one person may not for another but there is an amazing arsenal of things out there. I hope the trip to Disney is awesome for all of you.

cbuswell said...

A great CAS card! Glad to hear you're feeling better! It's great you're giving acupuncture and visualization a go, I find acupuncture really effective for certain things. : )

Ted said...

Katie, I think prayer, meditation and visualization will be all great helpers to you in this cause.

I'm thankful to God that you're feeling well today and well enough to treat us with a crafty creation!

May He always hold you in His loving hands.

Kathy said...

Katie, I can imagine how the nausea feels because I suffer with vertigo quite often and have had it since I was 9 years old. While it's not chemo-related, nausea is nausea and my stomach lurches easily! I am just getting over a bout with it (usually lasts anywhere from a day to a week-this time 3 days) and every smell makes me sick, sick, sick!I can relate with the urge to spit-even my saliva makes me nauseous! So glad to know you are feeling better and I have to say it just wonderful to see you create something! Your card is so sweet and viewing it one would never know you are going through such hard times!! Thank you for posting so candidly. Praying for you,

Carrie said...

Katie so glad you are feeling a bit better. Love your card! I just had that set out the other day.

Whimcees said...

Hello Katie!

I love your card - it is so nice to see one of your creations! The nasty side effects are certainly testing your spirit but as always you are continuing your fight.

I have so many notes around to remind me of different medication times, etc. that I understand that problem! :<)

You take care dear Katie and I wish you a good weekend! I keep you in my prayers every day. Stay strong!


Barbara Diane

K. Joy said...

Love your CAS card!! :) The blue on blue is so pretty! I'm so sorry that the chemo effects are starting to add up, but I'm glad you are starting to feel better now! I'm glad you had the urge to craft - it's great seeing your cards!!

jackib said...

So sorry to hear of your side effects and feeling horrible but happy to hear that you are feeling better now. Your card is simple - and sweet. Thanks for sharing everythng with us. Take good care.

Saskia said...

Beautiful card Katie!!!

Take care!!!

Saskia :)

Rosella said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers Katie! Love the fact that you made a beautiful card even though you are not feeling that great!!
Keep up your great spirit!

Robyn said...

Love to you Katie!

Grandma Nancy said...

Let's celebrate each good day and pray through the others!! Visualization sounds like a good idea. I feel a little nauseous just talking about feeling nauseous!! LOL Hang in there and keep fighting!!!

Dinahsoar said...

Dear Katie

This is in response to the previous post.

Do not let the future rob you of the present.

Cancer has not changed your destiny. It is in God's hands, predetermined before you were born.

Those who are cancer free may die today without a clue.

Like the man waiting-- in a parked car in a parking lot--to pick up his wife from her shift work. He died in that parked car when the sink hole below him collapsed.

He never dreamed that a parked car in a parking lot would be his end.

There is no promise of tomorrow for anyone, sick or well.

You may very well outlive all your 'healthy' friends.

I say this having dealt with the same fears and concerns back when I was diagnosed with cancer.

The future is the great unknown for one and all.

And we really only begin to live when we make peace with the fact that death is sure for all of us and that we can't do a darn thing to stop it. We must live in spite of it 'hanging over our head'.

Those who are well today, giving no thought to death because they have no serious illness are living in ignorance of their end. (And that ignorance is bliss.)

So were you and I--until we got cancer. And because of that we think about it, and worse, dwell on it. But what will that profit us? Only lost time spent in worry and anxiety when we could be spending those moments pursuing that which gives us joy, makes us happy, having fun.

So-- realize cancer hasn't changed a thing. Your appointment with death was set long before you got cancer and it will not change.

Queen Mary said...

Ok, um last comment um, well what I was going to say is I love the graphic rectangles with the curvy label on your card and just let you know I think of you often, although we've never met. My dad has your cancer -- well, you actually have his -- he's 82 and has decided he's too old for chemo. I actually kind of enjoy your honesty because it definitely makes his decision the right one for him! God Bless Katie!

Curt in Carmel said...

The nausea part is what would be the most difficult for me. I hate that feeling. And I KNOW EXACTLY what you mean about the mouth watering. I HATE that feeling. I really like the comment that Dinahsoar wrote. She is absolutely right. I think her point is brilliant. I just read in the local paper about a former local high school student was killed in a car crash. They had her picture, and in the picture, it looked like she was at a party or some gathering. I thought to myself as I looked at the picture how I'm sure that when that picture was taken, she had no idea what was going to happen to her. It is kind of creepy to think about, but it is inevitable and she is right, it could happen to anyone at anytime sick or not. I think the point of her comment was to live as if today was your last. It is good advice for all of us. You simple card is stunning BTW. Hang in there Kiddo. I think about you, Kevin, and the kids often. Hugs to all of you! Best, Curt

Donna said...

So glad your feeling better Katie and well enough to craft too. Love your CAS card, fab design. Oh I can only imagine how bad the nausea must be for you hun, I really hope the acupuncture works for you, I've never tried it but hear it can do wonderful things so will be interested in hearing how it goes. Big hugs Donna x

Donna C said...

I am happy that you feel better now. My heart aches for all that you are going through. My thoughts are with you.

Andrea6760 said...

Hi Katie,

Sorry its been a while since I last wrote, but I also had some health issues (diabetic neuropathy in my legs) and had to deal with them during the change in weather here. But I did think of you often and hoped things were going well for you. I am still catching up but see that you mentioned some good news and now I need to go find out what happened! Whatever it is, as long as it is good, I am very happy for you!!

I love the treat bag that you made for the infusion center and the blue Thank You card is simply stunning. Its so nice to see you are still crafting. I actually use coloring (Copics or Prismacolor colored pencils) when my legs hurt and find it very good therapy at keeping my pain tolerable as the pain medicine kicks in. I have a photo box of colored images that I may never use, but they have kept my mind focused for many hours when I needed it.

Well I better go catch up on your blog and glad to hear you are doing well.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Jade said...

I left you something on my blog today! Be sure to stop by and pick it up!

Linda said...

Katie, you encourage me so much!!
This card just speaks peace and very pretty.. and you create this while experiencing such unpleasant symptoms..

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Hang in there Katie! You will get past the nausea... You are doing so good! Hugs and prayers!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful thank you card, Katie. I'm glad you're feeling better. But just wanted to say that whether you are feeling good or not, we are all still here for you - thinking of and praying for you.

Glenda J said...

Great card! Love the background. Glad to hear you are feeling better and had a wonderful weekend with your friends.

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