Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cyberspace to Real Space

Today's Shout Outs:

Kristen E, Melissa B, Karen B, Cathy W, Laura I, Carol L, MIL, Donna McE, Lynn M, Chris S, Saskia, Barbara Diane


Dear friends,

I had planned on posting yesterday and the day just got away from me.  It was a good day and a bad day.  We had a good day visiting with friends and being out and about, but boy did I feel pretty rotten.  That feeling of nausea just didn't want to go away yesterday and by evening time came, I was wiped.

It is really hard for me to distinguish what is too much, too little, or just right when it comes to activity level.  I honestly can't judge correctly as to what will trigger an "episode" which is what I like to call them when they pop up.  I had been feeling better since Tuesday evening and then boom Saturday pops in just to slap me in the face.  I don't like to be slapped let me tell you!  Physical activity doesn't have the same definition that I was used to in the "pre" cancer life.  Things that you might think would tire me probably don't and the things that you think would be ok, aren't necessarily ok, but the stupid part about it all is that I don't know what these are and really now way of judging what is too little or too much time doing the "whatever" it is.

But, it was a quiet evening yesterday (oldest had a sleep over) and then as soon as the little ones were tucked in, I hit the sack!!  And even though I'm up at 3am, I still got a restful amount of sleep and will go back to bed when this post is done, AND I do feel better at the moment.  Much more coherent and more energy!

So, the title of  this post is one that I've relayed in words to family, friends, and even strangers about my online crafting community.  It is also a concept that I've read about and even seen in action, but had no idea the reality of it until my own reality changed.

As of today, I've received over 350 cards - YOU ARE ALL AMAZING WOMEN AND MEN "out" there.  I have a few stragglers that I haven't put in my box yet, but check this out.  I diligently take a photo of each card I receive and then I lovingly place each card back into its envelope and then I place them in this box.  Its almost full and I will have to start another. Not only have so many of you sent just one card which would be totally sufficient, but you've sent 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.  Remember you can view each and every one in the gallery to the right ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

So, the amazing part of this whole story is that most of you were the intangible, the "out" there crafters before my reality changed and the amazing thing is that you are now "real" and tangible.  Its a crazy thing when something bad happens because in the end there are so many good things that can come from it.  I kind of think its a crazy flip flopped world where things like me happen to so many of us all over the world.  

These cards embody so many things about me, you, and life in general.  Every single envelope has been opened either by me, but mostly by Kevin with his pocket knife so they would each have a nice clean cut opened edge and each time we touch these, they represent an amazing bridge that has been built around the intangible to something very real and very tactile.  Its an a amazing and wondrous thing.


And a card that I made just the other day.  I used Waltzingmouse Stamps for this one and some pretty paper (I think Basic Grey)

Until next time.



Sue Ann said...

WOW this card is beautiful!!! You are amazing and I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily!!! Keep it up Katie girl ....... you are doing GREAT!!!

Pam~ said...

Stunning card ... love the distressed look and the colors! Hope your day is a good one! Thinking of you!

Curt in Carmel said...

Beautiful card Katie and a beautiful post today. The card has such class as do you. I'm in awe at the amount of cards coming to you. I love this blogging world. It teaches us so many things. It always amazes me how friendships result without ever meeting each other, and yet they are strong and sincere friendships as if you "see" each other every day. You have so many people out here pulling for you Katie. I'm definitely one of them. Take good care. . .Best, Curt

Dinahsoar said...

The blogging community is amazing...and the love and generosity of people always amazes me. We live in a world where it is easy to think it's mostly bad. But then you get cancer and this amazing love comes forth--a healing balm that envelopes you. You realize were it not for cancer you'd never have experienced this kind of joy. And in a way you feel special. You'd rather not have cancer, and you want to survive--but you are also thankful at the same time that you get to experience the peace that passes all understanding. In that peace you know that God is real..that he is ministering to you through the beings he created--they are indeed ministering angels. And that your tough trial is not for nothing. For out of your trouble a beautiful thing is generated and shines so brightly that is cannot be ignored but must be celebrated.

~amy~ said...

Your card is absolutely STUNNING!!!

I really enjoyed this post...thanks for sharing..

Whimcees said...

Hello Katie!

It is so nice to see your post! You have touched out hearts Katie girl - you and your wonderful husband and three little guys. Some of us can identify with you from our own personal experiences and that makes you and your family even more dear to us. :<)

Your bravery and fight and positive outlook are inspiring. You deserve every card and every bit of love that they contain! Stay strong.

Wishing you a good week!


Barbara Diane

Joan B said...

well. you definitely have your card making mojo! gorgeous. and a wonderful, brought tears to my eyes, post

Lorraine said...

Hi Katie, your card is gorgeous! I love the colors, your flower and your ink distressing. I can't imagine the ups/downs you're going through, the not knowing the outcome of any activity you do. Getting to know you via blogland has been a blessing - your courage, strength and warmth are affecting so many. More love & well wishes being sent your way! (oh and the pp is Basic Grey "Curio" - love it).

Sue from Oregon said...

A classy card today Katie! Love the colors. I am working on making those flowers, but seem to be all thumbs! It is so cool to see all your wonderful cards, and such organization! Wow!

will said...

Your card is gorgeous.

Sorry to hear that you had a bad day, but glad that it got better.

You amaze me!

Robyn said...

Hi Katie! Thinking of you today and hoping that it is a good one for you!Love your card-so pretty!
Hugs from Robyn in Australia

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Beautiful card Katie! I love those rich colors! Hope today is a good day for sure and you are feeling good!

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Katie!
Your card is adorable. I love how you made that flower.
It is so wonderful to get all those cards from people who care for you. I am so glad that you are feeling a little better today. I am praying for you and your family.
Hugs and blessing Maz

Claire said...

Wow that is an impressive amount of cards you have received. I really like the card you have made, glad you felt in the frame of mind to create. xx

Karan in NorCal said...

Thanks for the insight Katie. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today. You are inspiring in so many ways, I truly feel touched every time you post and allow us all into you and your families life.
And you've got some serious stamping mojo going on! Love every little bit of your card. That flower is amazing! As are you. Love and sunshine sister.

Donna said...

Oh wow you have some collection going on there Katie, a little bit of love in every envelope. You have touched so many people with your journey and inspired us all. Love your card btw. Hugs Donna x

Katy Clark said...

My dad is two years out from his colon cancer diagnosis. I know that for him, the hardest part about chemo was admitting his "weakness". It was very hard for him to admit in the midst of an activity that it had suddenly become too much. It takes a lot of courage to admit when you've had enough. I pray that Father will empower you to call "uncle" when you need to--even in the middle of something everyone else considers easy.

Thanks for being so transparent with us. Another blessing to add to your list....helping the rest of us to truly contemplate our lives and realize how much we take for granted.

Anonymous said...

The card is gorgeous. And how wonderful that you are keeping each. I am sure it is just the sort of tangible love and strength that you can't imagine unless you receive it. Ya know?
I hope and pray each day will be a good day - at least parts of it.

Love ...

Grandma Nancy said...

It does feel wonderful to get love from so many previously anonymous friends! 4 years ago when my son had cancer, it was my on line friends above all who pulled me through my dark cloud. This past weekend I was totally surprised by my 3 sons throwing a surprise party for my birthday (7 weeks away!) They did it then because my oldest son was home for a visit. He is in the AF. I had 2 on line friends come and one of them drove over 6 hours through terrible snow with her husband and 3 of their little ones, including a 9 month old infant! I had NEVER seen her face to face! So I totally "get" how you are feeling about these friends! We love you and continue to pray for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

first time to your blog but i saw that you had cancer and i had to post to wish you well. i have battled cancer myself more than once but with postive friends and thoughts you are in the winning lane. Thought we have never meet we belong to a club know one wants to join but it is our honor to meet each other through the computer world or in really world face to face. because we are survivors the first day and we know the joy and the pain of good and bad tests and chemo side effects etc. it always gives me joy to meet another survivor they just get it.

sending you good healing thoughts and speedy healing noreen merten

Elliott said...

I love both of the cards you've posted. How wonderful that you're feeling good to craft - and sometimes being able to craft brings on the "good", you know?! :)

It makes sense that you're acclimating to how activities affect you. It's probably hard to gauge at first if something is going to be "too much" at the time or just right. If it's too much, then just let yourself slow down a bit and adjust. You are truly amazing and quite an inspiring example to so many!

Sending warm thoughts to both you and your family.

-Holly in SoCal

Claire said...

I love your card, it's great to see you are getting some inspiration. When I get down in the dumps, all I need to do is think of you, you are such a trooper.
all my love
Claire xxx

Debbie Nelson said...

Love your card...beautiful! Am so glad to see you creating...sometimes when I am feeling down or just feeling yucky from the chemo, if I sit down and make a card or two, I feel much is great therapy for me! I love how you take pictures of the cards you receive and then keep them in the box. I have a card tree and a basket that I keep mine in and then change them out. Isn't it such a good feeling to go to the mailbox and find encouraging and loving cards? I am trying to instill in my great nieces the importance and love of snail mail in this day where it seems so many had rather email or text...they are loving it so far! Hope you have a wonderful are always in my thoughts and prayers!

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