Monday, January 31, 2011

Color me Cancer

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Dear friends,

I think I'm coming out of my fog, at least I can say that with some realistic coherency at the moment.  If you notice me nodding off later on, don't tell, ok?  So, I feel like the last three day's have passed me by.  I won't count Thursday because I was held captive at the infusion center and it just doesn't count. Which also reminds me that today is the last day of January and for the most part I feel as if January has passed me by too... bittersweet to know that I am here, but not all the way here at the same time.

Many of you were surprised to find out how long I spend at the infusion center and it is indeed quite interesting.  There is such a diversity of treatment that I see.  I sit there and watch as many individuals come and go, some for just an hour and some nearly as long as myself, and everything in between.  I also sit and watch individuals come in for their weekly blood draws as well as individuals and couples who are getting their first tour of the infusion center.  It makes me sad to watch.

And finally, I wanted to bring up the subject of color.  I had no idea that cancer was so colorful.  Everybody knows that pink symbolizes breast cancer, but check out all the other cancer colors!  I must note that there are some variances here and there, but this list is good enough for me!

All Cancer - Lavender
Appendix Cancer - Amber
Bladder Cancer - Marigold/Blue/Purple
Brain Cancer - Grey
Breast Cancer - Pink
Cervical Cancer - Teal/White
Childhood Cancer- Gold
Colon Cancer - Dark Blue
Esophageal Cancer - Periwinkle
Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer - Kelly Green
Head and Neck Cancer - Burgundy/Ivory
Kidney Cancer - Orange
Leiomyosarcoma - Purple
Leukemia - orange
Liver Cancer - Emerald Green
Lung Cancer - Clear and White
Lymphoma - Lime Green
Melanoma  - Black
Multiple Myeloma - Burgundy
Ovarian Cancer - Teal
Pancreatic Cancer - Purple
Prostate Cancer - Light Blue
Sarcoma/Bone Cancer - Yellow
Stomach Cancer - Periwinkle
Testicular Cancer - Orchid
Thyroid Cancer - Teal/Pink/Blue
Uterine Cancer  - Peach

Until next time.



Anonymous said...

I found out that there are different colors of cancer when my mom was diagnosed. She was burgundy for Multiple Myeloma.

Glad to hear you're coming out of your fog. I continue to send up prayers for you and your family!

Runnergirl Creations said...

Glad to hear that the fog is lifting! Blessings & smiles to you today!! :) :D

Claire's cards said...

I hope the fog keep lifting for you this week and that you can start the new month with fresh courage.
Thinking of you every day.
Lots of love
Claire xxxx

Hazeyj said...

I just pop by now and again to catch up and you are so positive it makes me smile. Yes, you tell of the grotty side but also the laughter and the quiet reflective moments. I have only admiration for you for having the strength to share your experience with us rather than shutting down (which I am in no doubt I would have done, lol). Warm wishes to you and to your lovely family and friends, Hazel x

Davi said...

So good the hear the fog is lifting! Hope you have a good day.:) Interesting all the colors for the different cancers that we don't hear much about.

Sue Ann said...

Happy to read that the fog is clearing for you Katie!!! xoxoxo

Donna C said...

So glad to hear from you. I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we think about you alot when you do not post. I hope that as the days pass you continue to feel better.

Julia Aston said...

I guess 'this' will feel like normal life to you soon (we humans seem to be able to adjust to anything luckily) - glad you are out of the fog today! Thinking of you today Katie!

Kris said...

I'm glad to hear the fog is lifting for you Katie. I hope some sunshine is headed your way.

Thanks for the info about the cancer colors, too. Testicular cancer is orchid? Seriously? Hardly a manly type color -lol.

Holly said...


Glad today is a better day and the fog is lifting. Interesting both about what you observe at the infusion center and how it makes you feel - and also all the colors of cancer you mentioned. Some are more visable than others but they are all important in what they symbolize and the people that are affected. Thank you for posting that list and making me more aware of it all. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
-Holly in SoCal

Eveline said...

Oh boy, those colors!!!! Now I can make my husband a multicolored card. He's going to need one pretty soon.
I'm glad you're coming out of the fog. Take card.

Margreet said...

Hope the fog keeps lifting Katie....I didn't know about all those colours...only the pink one is widespread....keep it uo!
xxx Margreet

Audrey Frelx said...

Stopped by to check in and get updated! Glad you're feeling cohorent today -- that's something considering the past several days you mentioned.

Wow, I didn't know there were so many cancer colors either. How interesting.

Hang on in there. I'll be back, my friend!

Saskia said...

A rainbow of colours! I really hope i'll never get one of those colours!!

Take care Katie!! So good to read you have some good days!

sweet greetings, Saskia :)

cbuswell said...

Glad to hear your head's a bit clearer today! Didn't know about all the cancer colors, interesting!

jackib said...

My daughter was diagnosed with melanoma almost two years ago - black seems appropriate for EVERY cancer, not just melanoma. Happy to hear that you're feeling a bit better today. Hopefully February will be your month to shine!! :)

Chef Mama Lori said...

Hey Katie Doodle! Hope you will have a good "off" week. I had no idea the infusion room days could be so long until I was there. They told us it's "Hurry Up & Wait." So true!

And you know, in my house, it's VERY important to know what color your cancer is. tee-hee! I'm glad your list has different colors than some I'd seen. My FIL had bladder cancer & everything we saw had "Yellow" for that. We thought that was kind of funny & sick at the same time!

Hugs my dear.

Sheri said...

I am teal and white (cervical) and you are periwinkle! Pretty color, my dear. I am glad you are back from the fog. Enjoy your days before you go back again. I think I would like to volunteer at an infusion center when I retire next year.

Karen said...

Hi Katie,

I found your blog somehow and saw that you live in Washington and so do I. I go to Virginia Mason in Seattle every four weeks for three units of blood so know all about the infusion center. I'm not sure where you go for your treatments. I didn't know about the colors either. My husband has prostate cancer.

You are so positive even though you're going through such a tough time. My prayers are with you.


Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

Just stopped in to say hello and tell you that my prayers continue to be with you and your beautiful family!

Joan B said...

happy the fog it lifting. that list of cancers and their colors was sobering. where is gastric cancer? hope your week is a good one.

Sparkly Pink Star said...

I never knew about all those colours, that is very interesting, thank you :) I hope you feel better soon (hugs)

Axes DesigNs said...

Hi Katie.. mm I been thinking Colon cancer was Brown.. That's the one I had.. but any color is fine.. I just want to see your colors again here with your creations soon! my prayers are with you..


Paula I said...

Well Miss Katie, my colors would be Teal/White. I was diagnosed and treated for Cervical Cancer in June of 06. Just one thing I'd like to share from my experience. When you were writing about finding comfort in hot showers, please be careful with this. After I started my Chemo treatments the shower wasn't my friend. I would get extremely weak during and after hot showers. In fact, a few times it caused me to vomit and end the shower earlier than planned. So I just wanted you to be aware of this possibility that it may or may not have the same effect on you.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are one special lady and I'm so glad I was blessed with getting to know you. Stay strong and think as the fog as a blessing. Sometimes it's not always a good thing to be so aware of what's going on all the time. Until tomorrow, have a good night my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm another visitor to your blog and feel so good that you have a way to vent and free yourself from the heavy burden of treatment for the cancer.
Your struggle brings back the memory of mine..I had breast cancer and must say that I try to not think of it. But one can't help to remember when you hear someone else's journey.
Stay faithful to your treatment no matter what. The time will come to an end and then you can throw a huge hissy fit about all of it.
For now bear with it. Stay focused and use your anger to fight the cancer.
Express your anger as it can ease the depression.
To you husband I say stay positive as she needs your strength now that she is in this state, going through all these emotions.

Pray for a brighter tomorrow and we will all pray with you. I know I am..
Take care and GB you and give you the strength you need.


Whimcees said...

Hello Katie,

I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that you will soon be feeling better. Stay strong, sweet girl.


Barbara Diane

Sue W said...

Hi Katie,
Glad to read that the fog is lifting for you and hope this continues over the next little while.

My dear friend was orange and she was asked to talk with other patients while receiving her treatment.....I know she helped many families.

I'm looking at all your beautiful must be the fashion queen at the centre......roll on Spring and summer.... you'll be wearing Sun hats before you know it! Keep strong Katie!

Elizabeth said...

Love reading comments friends leave for you.
The hat section is great so nice to see how creative people are.
love you - MIL

Linda C said...

Well Katie, the fog must have lifted. You have remarkable writing skills. I like seeing your hat and card collections too. Keep fighting Katie, you have lots of people praying for you, me included.

Debbie Nelson said...


You remain in my thoughts and prayers...glad to hear that you are able to see through the fog..I had my 24th round of chemo yesterday...cancer markers were up, but scans are clear..will keep a watch on the cancer markers..they can fluctuate for different reasons...I am very grateful and blessed...God is in control and He is good and good all the time! I pray that February will be a good month for you...keep smiling and "Keep Fithting Like a Girl"! We need to keep our pink gloves on. Thank you for sharing the many colors of cancer!

Curt in Carmel said...

The colors are very interesting. I wonder how they pick them. . .If they had colors for wonderful attitudes and bravery, I would assign yours and Kevin's color platinum! Hang in there you guys! Hugs to you all. . .Best, Curt

magic boxes said...

Hi Katie

What an amazing list of colours!

You are an inspiration to us all and it's a wonderful thing you are doing - sharing your experiences so honestly. I'm sure it will help many other people who going through similar treatments.

Hope the fog continues to lift for you.

Love and hugs to you and your family from me and mine.
Elaine xoxoxo

Kristen but my family call me Petal said...

I've only just read about what you are going through. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts. You are one creative and strong lady.

Joan B said...

just realized that I missed the reference to stomach cancer on the list of colors....sorry about that! hope your days are getting better.

Anonymous said...

Hugs hugs and more hugs.
Love too!

Theresa Tyree said...

Katie, I did some research online and found out that stomach cancer is periwinkle, so i ordered something for you. I will try to pop it in the mail tomorrow. The kids have had so many snow days, that it's been hard to get out to the post office.

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