Thursday, August 26, 2010

Having a great time

So, as you probably saw, hubby and I are vacationing by ourselves but along with another couple.  We haven't had an extended vacation since Hunter was born and that was nearly 11 years ago.  We are so thankful to Kevin's mom for coming to stay with the boys and Grandma is still alive and the boys are having a blast of course!

We started off in Bellingham, Washington and rode to Kettle Falls, Washington.  We stayed the night there and then rode to Kalispell, Montana and are staying here two nights.  Today (Thursday) we did the Glacier National Park loop and will head on to Missoula, Montana tomorrow.  Then off to Walla Walla, Washington with a stay over and then back to Bellingham, Washington on Sunday!!

I thought I would share some of the pictures that we've taken so far.  Being on a motorcycle really gets you to stop.  I have to fully admit that when we travel as a family we spend more time in the car rather than stopping.


This is going over the North Cascades.  This is the road that we will be traveling down and the picture was taken at a great view point.

Stop for some coffee... great little fruit place (with coffee and it was good too!)  The bike on the left is Kevin's and the bike on the right is Bryce's (but its actually Dennis')

This is Bryce and Kathy our partners in crime... stopping for more coffee!

This is me and if you look closely I am holding my cell phone, but there was no service anyway and I was just teasing!!!  Honest!!!

Look, another pretty lake!

Here's a stretch of some really nice road on the way to USK, Washington and goes past 49 Degrees North Ski Area.

Another picture of the bike's (the backside - lol)

What a bridge huh?  Moyie River Bridge, Idaho

Another fabulous stop and natural wonder.  Kootenai Falls.

Check out my video of the Swinging Bridge

Glacier National Park 

Wow... I have lots more, but you get the gist!!  So far, we've had a wonderful trip and I'll have more :)  Thanks for visiting!

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Margie H said...

I LOVE these pictures!! Keep 'em coming - I feel like I'm traveling with you all! LOL!! Continued safe travels, my friend! xo

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