Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A vent, A very Simple Thank You, and some sharing

Hi all! Hope yours is a good one. Well, let me get started with the vent. Went out this morning to find out that someone had broken into the card, rifled through stuff and taken off with a backpack which housed a favorite pair of shorts (not cheapo shorts), shoes, iPod, and a cell phone.

I know that people steal for a variety of reasons, but I get so sick of it. It is just plain wrong and I don't get it. What makes them do it... I don't care if they are young, old, or whatever. Grrr....

Its funny, its been years and years, but hubby had a really nice Cannondale Mountain Bike and it got stolen. Well... I swear, every day that we go anywhere or see bikes out he's got an eye out. He is absolutely positive that he saw some guy ride by on it, right in front of our house just a couple of weekends ago. His bike had very special and non stock components on it. Another Grrrr...

So... now for my very simple card. Ironically, this is the 2nd simple card that I made last night because my first simple card ended up not being so simple (lol). It would have been if I didn't want a certain embellishment that I needed to make firs before using... so now you have my 2nd very simple card which is truly simple.

White Papertrey ink cardstock, a piece of Papertrey's Bitty Basics, and a new stamp set from Close to my Heart that I just got yesterday. Its a set of just lots and lots of "thank you" type sentiments. I like this large version. Just like PTI's aqua mist ink, I have a love/hate relationship with the Sweet Blush. So, I ended up using my CTMH's Blush ink instead.

Finally, I accented with a crocheted flower and a PTI button and a bit of May Arts ribbon.

Simple but nice. I likey and I hope you do too.

So now, I want to direct you over to Lori's blog, Clearly iStamp, where I've got a fun tutorial to get you into the holiday spirit. The 4th is just around the corner so there is plenty of time to get ready. I've paired an old favorite and an easy way to spruce up your favorite nuggets (hint, hint). Head on over if you have time. Clear Dollar Stamps has lots of great holiday/Independence stamps to choose from.

I'm almost done (lol). I wanted to let you know that Craft Critique is having another Vendor review - on Sharpies. And there is a give away. Go check it out!!!

This is what I made with my Sharpie :)

Thanks for visiting and bearing with my long post today. Have a great Tuesday!


Jenn said...

That's horrible. I'm so sorry, some people SUCK. A friend had her child's diaper bag stolen from her car not too long ago.

Thanks for the sharpie review, great paint can :)

Candy F. said...

Break in--that sucks and you are right that there is no reason for anyone to steal anything EVER!
Sharpies -- great review and I love the little treat pail.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

You know how I feel about steeling... it's pathetic!!! So sorry it's happened.

I saw both your write up and your tutorial. Katie, you have such a great knack for sharing. Keep up the great stuff!


Debbie Lee said...

So sorry to hear that someone stole your backpack and it's contents! That really sucks! People who steal SUCK!

Your card is very cute... just wondering what your feelings actually are about the PTI Sweet Blush ink... I have probs w/ it too, thus never use it. UGH!

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