Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Limelight Papercraft - "Its for the Kids" Challenge

Good morning everyone! Today's project was inspired by a Limelight Papercrafts challenge ala Mandy. She challenged us to create something with your kids or for your kids. Because of the timing of the challenge I immediately thought of thank you cards.

So how many of you have thank you notes galore to make/write/send out? For me, the most important thank you notes that I want to make sure I send are the ones from the kids. I believe that's important that the boys realize that its a must to show ones appreciation for things given to them.

In the past, I've had Hunter decorate his own cards and write in them, but since there are 3 boys now, I decided to make the cards myself. But, I wanted the boys to have a lot of interaction with them so I decided to stamp my images and let them color them. Hunter being 9 could do all the writing inside, although I did leave a couple for him to color in too. The twins are smart, but not that smart to write anything legible at 3 (lol).

So the first stamp I thought of was Billy from Pink Cat Studio. I chose the Billy from Dress Up Billy and it would have been absolutely perfect if the card had been just from the twins, but I needed to figure out a way to

What I ended up doing was stamping the first Billy, masking him, then stamping the second Billy. Its perfect too since their hands match up so well.

Then I had to mask both the 1st and 2nd Billy and mask off the bottom half of Billy and stamp just his upper portion. Next was to just ink up the bottom of Billy, but I had to stamp him quite a bit lower to give him the appearance of being much taller than his "brothers". I then went in and fixed and added any leg, shirt, and pants lines.

Would you believe me if I told you that I did this all flawlessly the first time and each consecutive time I did this? NOT!!! Seriously, it was a bit crazy and my intentions were to stamp my original and then photo copy enough for my others, but the ink wasn't printing out dark enough. It just looked bad and we couldn't have that could we?? Oh, and for the background I just stuck all the little pieces to the stamp set onto an acrylic block and stamped a whole bunch of them at one time until the background was full.

For my names, I word processed those on the computer and then used my word window punch to punch them out.

One note here though is that if it had worked I would have photo-copied but I want everyone to remember that it isn't ok to photo copy for resale purchases.

I wasn't able to get a picture of all 3 working on them, so the little ones will have to do. I will have to say that they loved it.

Did you notice the little sock monkey in the hand of one of the boys? Since the set doesn't have a little bear or aka "baby" I had to use the monkey, but everyone will get the point. I should really have stamped 2 of them too, but it would have gotten a bit squished so one just had to do for little Natey.

Overall, it was a bit time consuming, but since I didn't have to do any coloring it wasn't really all that bad.

Thanks for coming by and visiting and make sure that you visit all the other Limelight DT members blogs for some awesome inspiration.

And one more little thing.... Go visit Mandy's Blog - she's having another DT call and you could be in the Limelight too!

Oh, I guess I have another thing... (lol)... it just doesn't end huh? I've got a great stamp set I'm featuring over at Clearly iStamp. Its a great one and if you want to see how I use my Copics then head on over too.

And I swear that's it. Have a great day!


Cardstock: White GP, Twilight (CTMH)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Stamps: Dress up Billy (Pink Cat Studio)
Other: computer, Word Label Punch


Lisa H. said...

ahhhh, Katie!what a fabulous project. I love the masking and how the little ones are holding hands on the card. perfect and so thoughtful!

Brandi Parshley said...

Super cute idea Katie! I love the "twins" holding hands on the card! Just precious! We have those crayola markers too, they're pure genius!

Ryann said...

This is a great project Katie! I love that you have pictures of the boys coloring - too cute!

Becky Carafa said...

Oh what a great idea! GREAT job on the masking, wow!

Mandy said...

Love this, Katie! I love how you custom-made this to fit your sweet children! :) So cute!!

Melissa said...

What a fun project Katie!! Great job!

Becky Sorensen said...

These are so sweet. And I loved how Nate wanted to just color the yellow one at my house yesterday. I am so lucky to be their friend.

Lauren said...

Super cute Katie. Fabulous idea!


Love the card, such a cute picture of the boys too. Perfect for Nate to have his baby.......

Anonymous said...

Now that is cool and cute at the same time, you smart girl you!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhhhh these are sooooo incredible!!! A lot of work I can tell, but sooo worth it!!! Love the "twins"!!!!

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Katie. Everything of the best for 2009. I love the cards you made representing the three boys. I bet they had loads of fun colouring them. Hugs from Desire

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