Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sketch, Challenge, and fun technique Card

Its Sunday and its Sunday... sorry, not terribly exciting, but its the truth and nothing but the truth (lol). I thought I would share the news I didn't share yesterday.

NOTE: my little story is about animals and hunting so please don't read further if this offends. Just skip down to the card.

So, I mentioned yesterday that my Dad came to visit briefly for the weekend. The main reason he came over was to bring the buffalo hide that he had "fixed" from their hunt last year. I am a meat eater and have no qualms about it. We've had a wonderful year of eating buffalo versus beef and if you haven't ever had buffalo you should try it. It is much, much leaner than beef and is really quite tasty and better for you.

So, he brings in this hide and all the "boys" are oohhing and ahhing over it. "Oh its so soft", "Oh its so big", "Oh, how neat" --- Me, "Ewww gross... don't bring it near me" Sorry, me wimpy. I told Kevin he could take it and hang it up in his office at work. Sorry, I just can't appreciate it and the tail is still part of this "blanket". Let me tell you, I'll stick to my acrylic and synthetic fleece to keep me warm or just plain old cotton.


Okie dokie, I just felt like I needed to tell me story after leading you on yesterday, so now to the card.

This card was LOADS of fun! I felt like I got a lot accomplished with this one because it meets several challenges and sketches that I like to participate in.

1.) This follows Lauren's sketch almost to the exact T

Edited to add: OMGosh! I'm such a freak!!! If you look closely, you'll realize that I only "saw" the white portion of the sketch. Its been over a day later and I finally just "got it". Can I really be that LAME?? I guess so. I'm just laughing saying "whatever weirdo"

2.) This also counts for my Fall Challenge over at Stamp Something. I love the Dark Chocolate and a new Close to my Heart Color called Sorbet.
3.) Wow, check out this cool technique that I found over on Lorelie's My Paper Adventures Blog.

I used the same technique, but took my stamp and took away some of the applique to create a textured print. I had been thinking about doing this with fun flock, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. This technique is so cool though.

The background cardstock has Liquid Applique spread all over it and then stamped on. It is a faux burned velvet look. I saw what Lorelie had done with her card and was completely hooked and had to try it out right away. Go check Lorelie's blog and try it out and leave a link on her blog or just leave a comment to be included in her blog candy give away - you've got all the way 'til Sept. 22nd.

Here is an even closer view:

One key though is to have lots of applique. They need to sell this stuff in bottles now. I used up quite a lot while playing.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Cardstock: Dark Chocolate (PTI), Sorbet (CTMH)
Ink: not really - Liquid Applique
Stamps: Legendary Moments (CTMH)
Other: Ribbon (PTI), Flowers (Basic Grey), Kaisercrafts pearls


My Paper Adventures said...

Katie!! took the technique to a whole other level and it came out exquisite! I was trying it with my Cuttlebug and it wasn't giving me what I wanted, but what you did...LOVE IT!

Lori Barnett said...

I've never seen that technique before. very cool! Love the card!! How lucky you all are to have buffalo meat! My hubby got drawn 2 years ago...but didn't find one to "bring" home. But we have a freezer full of deer and elk :) Buffalo is much better - oh well.

Saf and BJ said...

That card is amazing! I will have to try that technique!

Mmmmm! I miss buffalo meat!
Blessings and Light

~Denise Lynn~ said...

Beautiful card Katie! Love the colors and the flowers. Thanks for playing along and feel free to enter as many times as you'd like! :)

Lauren (mytime) said...

I am cracking up! Maria did the same thing! Not a big deal! LOL! It came out BEAUTIFUL and it got you to stamp-that is ALL that matters!! Thanks for playing alone. I always look forward to what you come up with!

Mandy said...

Great card!! And we've totally been into buffalo lately. It is so much better for you, and it IS delicious! As a matter of fact, I am making a lasagna tomorrow night for dinner, and I am subbing in bison for the beef in the sauce! :)

Kim said...

What a lovely card. Kimx

Lauren said...

Gorgeous card Katie - so unique!!! I have a soft spot for animals so I couldn't bear to read your post.

Maria Matter said...

Katie, this is gorgeous!!!
Blessings, Maria

Erin... said...

Gorgeous card!! And play as much as you'd like:) Thanks for joining the challenge.

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