Monday, September 8, 2008

The men in my life and the crafty stuff

Well, I can't say good morning since it is 2pm here on the west coast. Where did the time go?? I've got one little boy hanging with me and the other one is still asleep. Have I said that I'm getting sad because their naps are getting shorter and shorter? It used to be a full 3 hours and now we are down to 2 or less (sigh).

So what do you think of the men in my life? You got it, these men are everywhere and there are a lot of them. I get to eat with them, sleep with them, travel with them, step on them, bathe them (laundry)... They are so simple and versatile. Their appendages come on and off and are interchangeable. Sometimes they keep their heads on sometimes they don't.

Anyway, these Lego guys crack me up. All three boys love them and if we could we would just buy Lego men. I have no idea why the little ones are so enamored with taking them apart. They even want us to take the hands off and switch arms, legs, torsos, and of course the constant holding of weaponry.

Ok, enough of the men. I have some great stuff to share with you. All of it can be found at Limelight Papercrafts, plus one of the items can be found for sale as well as some other goodies.

This 1st card is a goodie that Mandy dropped into my package of goodies. It is part of the Glitz line of digital cardmaking. All you have to do is print and cut. This particular card was printed on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of cardstock and then you just trim and fold. All I did was glam it up a bit. I love this design - so crisp and clean looking with the silhouette of the lady.

I added a sentiment (Hero Arts) that I cut out with a nestability label die and then added some great ribbon and some Kaisercraft rhinestones. I LOVE these and Mandy has a great selection. Then, I just added some plain glitter by using a glue pen.

I tried to get a nice close up up this great ribbon. It has a really nice shimmer to it and has a great hand as well.

And here is a close up of the glitter.

My next card was also made with another goody that came from Mandy. Its another Glitz item (not on sale), but oh so affordable. The one I used is called the Doodle Curls. It was so fun and easy to use. The little card I made is only 3x3 so you can see that the Glitz wheel is fairly small, but rolls really well. The cherry and sentiment is from a Unity stamp set called Mix up of Cuteness. I love this little card just because it is so darn cute.

Ok, so that's my speal for today. I hope you enjoy the men in your life as much as I enjoy all of mine, flesh and non flesh. Make sure you head on over to Limelight Papercrafts to take advantage of all the great stuff and the bonus sale! I love the fact that Mandy is ALWAYS having some sort of sale, special, or incentive and shipping is always FREE after $35!

Thanks for hanging with me and enjoy the rest of your day!


Toni said...

Love the card katie and the lego men my sons are both hooked on the xbox gamesstar wars lego and Indiana Jones they just love it when the little men break up into bits the lego bits though my hoover has a wonderful argument with many of the smaller peices on too many ocasion LOL.

The Whimsical Butterfly said...

Super cute, Katie! Anything pink w/ butterflies you KNOW is going to be a favorite of mine! LOL

Thanks for your comment...I do love that cupcake so... ;) Can't wait to see what you make w/ it! Take care, Jess :)

Lauren said...

Great cards Katie. That ribbon is divine. BTW - I have a Lego policeman on my keychain. hehe.

Emily said...

Hey I have those same headless men in my life too! Hey and I have 2 of those glitz rollers I never used them because i could never come up what to do with them! thanks!

Em's Place said...

OMG I just have one thing to say... please don't show my son the transforming lego guys.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

You are so clever!

IamSusie said...

Guess what? You CAN get just the Lego men! We bought a package of them for about $40 recently at one of the Lego Stores. They are in a line of Legos that are called Educator or something like that. I couldn't find a link for you at their website. The Educator line also has a good set of basic blocks which I also bought for my kids.

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