Thursday, May 1, 2008

A rare bit of rambling and a card

So you may or may not know, but I generally don't get into personal stuff here, whether it be just thoughts or happenings in my life. This is really for the most part a crafty blog, but I do have some thoughts to share about this whole community of blogging. Just scroll down to the card if you get bored :)

Last night, I had a lovely woman named Lizzie stop by and comment on my blog. Turns out she is a twin mom and obviously, being a mother of twins, I can't get enough of other twins. Now this is the amazing thing. She is not only a twin mom, she is a mother of 2 sets, did you read 2 sets of twins!!! And not only is she a mother of 2 sets of twins but one set are only 20 months old and the other set are only 8 months old. Just knowing this fact about her, I can't help but assume she has got to be an amazing mother/woman! Anyway, I went back and visited her blog and I swear her blog read like a novel.

So, my point is that if I weren't blogging I wouldn't have "met", "run across", "interacted" etc with a whole host of people that I am now acquainted with and getting to "know" better over time. I had never even entered a message board until the fall of 2006 when I purchased my cricut. Of course, in the beginning I lurked, like most of us do and I considered the whole concept of mb interaction as foreign and a bit more than a little weird. I didn't really understand how people could invest so much time and energy into people they didn't even know. What were these people like in their "real" lives? Well as we know, when you participate on a mb regularly, it does become like a very large community/family. It really depends on how much you invest.

Well, the same thing happened with blogging. I started because I enjoyed visiting other people's blogs and I wanted a format to share my own creations than just sharing on the message board. I usually post every day and it would seem weird for me not to. I of course still get the "why do you do that?" or "I think blogging is weird" or "I just don't get it" and in turn I contemplate why I do it. I feel that blogging gives me a purpose to do what I do creatively. I know that blogging for others is their own private outlet for "whatever". I know of other bloggers who blog to stay connected with long distance family. There really are a multitude of reasons why we blog and we enjoy doing it.

Another reason that I have enjoyed blogging is that it allows for another venue for meeting new people. It is sometimes difficult to meet new people in "real" life and keep a consistent relationship with them. It is so difficult to fit "getting together" times in between school schedules, work schedules, eating schedules, napping schedules, bedtime schedules, etc. I guess its a sense of freedom that accompanies friendships via the internet that isn't necessarily there with people in our physical vicinity. Because in reality, we could communicate in the same way with those near us as well. And remember, this is just me. I don't carry a huge circle of friends with me whereas you might, so it may not even be an issue with you, but I would have to say that my circle of internet friends is starting to outgrow my circle of "real" friends - you all know who you are :)

Alright, enough of that... The card that I'm going to share began with with the set of brads that were given to me by my 1st official internet friend. I met her on the cricut message board and we have been friends ever since - Hi Emily!!! I used them as my jumping off point and I ended up with a very bright and cheerful card. I random stamped the background with a new CTMH set. I also used the kissing technique for some of the background stamps. I did this a bit ago and looking at it today, I would have done my sentiment differently, but oh well.

Cardstock: GP white, Sweet Leaf (CTMH), Ink: Sweet Leaf, Hollyhock, Sweet Leaf, Black, Goldrush (CTMH), Stamps: Cottage Floral (CTMH), Women of Life (PTI), Other: Ricrac (CTMH), Brads

Thanks for stopping by and if you read the drivel thanks too.


Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Hi Katie! I couldn't have said it better! I love blogging and all the amazing, nice people I have "met". I just can't believe it took me so long to start one. Great card!!

KrystaLyn said...

I think blogging is all that you said, and more! Its great, especially for me, living clear across the country from my entire family. Plus, I do it a lot more consistantly than traditional "journaling" and I think that counts for something. And like you said, it is just a nice outlet for "whatever" :)

Lauren said...

It's nice to be a part of blogland - I agree. Your card is so bright and cheerful. Great job.

One Creative Life said...

Wow Katie very well said!!! And I love your colors on your card *wink*wink* thanks for sharing the card and your lovely words with us.~erica

Enfys said...

You've summed up exactly how I feel about virtual friendships Katie, it has opened up my life and enriched it as well.

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