Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hippie boys to boy boys

I finally, finally, took the boys to get their hair cut. Nate's hair was literally down to his nose and it looked like he was looking through a hair curtain. Will's was close behind. It seemed like either you liked the long hippie look or you didn't. My friends and family were divided for sure.

I took them to my local Supercuts right at 10 am when they opened. The lucky gentleman was awesome and he did a great job. Nate was first and he immediately started screaming as I was placing him on the chair. So what did that mean?? It meant that I got to sit in the chair and hold him. Luckily, the reception desk had a basket full of balloons that I got to blow repeatedly up with hair and dirt and all. See what we mothers do for peace - Gross huh?? Well, I'm still alive so all is well. I also came prepared with baggies of Teddy Grahams that seemed to appease him too.

So, what is Will doing you ask? Well, he was contently munching on his baggy of Teddy Grahams as well and seemed very enamored with my balloon blowing technique. He did wander off to play with hair care, but luckily he was very gentle.

The rest of the time went just fine and Nate got his hair done and we swapped kids. Nate did well and he was content playing "building blocks" with some sort of gel in lovely round containers.

All in all, it really was a decent trip and only took a little over an hour. I have a "gut" feeling that our next visit will be even better. They have been improving.

Here are the before and after pictures:

(Nate is in blue with "bear bear" which means Will is the other one)


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Becky Sorensen said...

Oh how grown up they look!! :(
But so cute!! Sounds like a fun adventure!!

Heather said...

Congrats you made it! Don't they look dapper :)

KrystaLyn said...

Can I just say how lucky you are to have twins?!? Seriously, I am going to my Dr. next week and tellling him I want twins and if there is anything he can do to up the possibility, I am game!

Kopperhead said...

oh they're just precious. I remember the hair cutting thing when mine were small. You did a good job!!

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