Thursday, April 3, 2008

Edited *** Birthday Wishes - RAK's from my PTI friends

I love getting fun and unexpected mail. These are two cards that I received in the last few days wishing me an early birthday. How cool is that, when my birthday is still almost a week away. This first card is from Jak all the way from the UK. Its always neat thinking about how far mail has to travel when it comes from abroad.

Her card is so elegant and clean looking. The color in person is much more pink than purple. Can you believe that Jak only used 2 colors, but there is a lot of other details throughout the card.
Thanks so much Jak! Jak just started a blog so click on over and check it out -->HERE<--

This second card came from Holly aka "ncfield". She used the beautiful new paper from Papertrey ink. Can't get enough of it either! I love seeing how other people put their paper to use. And that die cut in the middle - how cool is that? What? I don't have that (gasp). Its a beautiful card and I feel lucky to have been the recipient. Thank you Holly!

Thanks for sharing in my joy! Hope you all have a great day!

*** Edited*** to add 2 more fabulous cards that I received. Can I say WOW again!

This card I received from Daisy. Isn't it beautiful? Its hard to see of course, but there is just the right amount of glitter at the center of all those beautiful petals and I love the color combo. She used a muted jute type of color that really complements the PTI colors and what a perfect sentiment. So true... Thanks again Daisy, you made my day!

This next card is from Lynn who is in essence our fearless leader for the PTI RAK group. These color choices are gorgeous and I love the little lacy edges on the paper. Its so feminine without being mushy, gushy (KWIM?). Thank you so much Lynn!

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Heather said...

Very nice cards! It's great to have crafty friends :)

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