Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've beenTagged

I've been tagged by my friend Emily! So here goes.

1. Where was I ten years ago? I was here in Bellingham, Washington.

2. Five things on my "To Do" List:
1. Work on the boys' scrapbooks - I'm 2 and 3 years behind (oh no!!)
2. Get my sewing machine out and make some crib sheets
3. Fill out forms to keep up to date on my teaching certificate
4. Lose 20 pounds
5. Make a list of the other little things I need to do

3. What would I do with a billion dollars? Pay off bills, spend, share, spend, share

4. Five places I have lived: South Korea (born), Chehalis, WA (grew up), Seattle (brief school time), and Bellingham, WA

5. Five Jobs I have had:
1. Puller at a Gun Club (as in the shooter says pull and I push a little button and a clay target comes out and the shooter shoots it)
2. Safeway
3. House of Fabrics (now known as Joanns)
4. Haggen (grocery store)
5. Substitute Teacher
6. Stay at Home Mom (presently) - one extra :)

6. Five things people don't know about me:
1. I'm adopted
2. The first date movie that my husband and I went to was Silence of the Lambs
3. I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy with the twins
4. I used to shoot shotguns at shooting tournaments
5. I used to decorate cakes for a job

So, I hope you learned something interesting about me. To be honest, it was hard to come up with these things.

I'm tagging anybody who wants to play. I know I enjoy reading little tidbits about the people I'm getting to know through blogging. :)


1 comment:

KrystaLyn said...

Yay! Im glad you filled that out! Its fun getting to "know" you!

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