Saturday, February 2, 2008

The sleeping saga continues...

Good morning! And it is good! Oh, I'm being a bit melodramatic in regards to the twins. It really isn't a saga, but it will make for some very cute scrapbooking pages and story. Our boys have really been very easy and they are such good sleepers. If I could only bless every parent with small children with peaceful nights and nap times.

So as you know, last night was their very first official night in not only separate beds but toddler beds at that. And OH MY, those toddler beds are just too cute and to have 2 of them is even cuter!!! But as my story continues, what is a mommy to do but worry... Here are the pictures of their progress throughout the night. Needless to say, they did great and slept just fine. Help me by wishing me luck to their continued smooth transition.

This is Will who isn't very happy - can you tell??

Awww shucks - is that not the cutest! We figured they would end up together, but the sight is much cuter than the thought. That's Nate sleeping sideways. They are both in his bed so Will brought his pillow over.

Alls well that ends well... would you ever wake a sleeping child??? No way, the carpet is clean :) They were both great sports as I was clicking away in the middle of the night. They just kept snoozing.

Thanks for letting me share with you!



The Zerbst Family said...

I posted a comment about this yesterday... I wonder why it didn't show up?!

Lily used to get out of her toddler bed and fall asleep in front of her door. I think the sound of adults talking was comforting to her, so that's where she chose to conk out. *laugh*

I think it's so sweet that Nate and Will are each other's best friend. I love those lil' guys... Smooch 'em for me!

Shelly said...

So precious!! Love your pictures (and cards too!)

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