Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cute x 2

FYI - Nate is in the red and Will is in the green :)

I haven't made anything crafty today yet, although I do have a challenge to work on for tomorrow. It will have to wait until all the kids are asleep tonight, but...

I wanted to share a picture of the twins right after their nap. They have been doing incredibly well sleeping in their new toddler beds as well as sleeping separately. The separately is about 1/2 and 1/2 at this point. It started out that Will would go sleep with Nate, but the last few nights we have found Nate in Will's bed. Will's bed is their original crib and is in the same place so I guess it makes sense. I've actually been impressed at how well they stay in those oh so cute beds.

This time has been a bit different for us with the transition from crib to bed. Hunter didn't transition until he was 3+ and we just went for a twin bed. Well, let me restate, we bought an Ikea bed that shrunk down to this really cute and essentially square bed. He's 8 now and we have pulled it out to its full size and he still sleeps in that same bed.

Hopefully, I'll get to a card or craft post tonight.

Thanks everyone!! Have a great weekend.


1 comment:

The Zerbst Family said...

I love the last pic where Will is checking out Nate's bigtime bedhead! HA!!!

Wow, what adorable sweaters!! *grin* I'm so pleased (and amazed) that you've gotten so much use out of them.


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