Sunday, January 13, 2008


Its so cute... Nate has recently (within the last couple of days) started to ask "why?". Not only does he look at me and randomly say why, but he has the shrug of the shoulder as well as the hand gestures down too.

Will on the other hand isn't asking why, but he has become attached to Hunter's old Pooh bear (sitting or standing one). Now you have to understand that both Nate and Will have each had "Bear Bear" since they were born. My husband's wonderful mother had those sent to us/them the night they were born at the hospital. Both of them used "Bear Bear" as a lovey, but then slowly, Will didn't want his anymore and hasn't used it in months, and in turn, Nate took the poor orphan Bear Bear in, so Nate not only needs/wants one but has to have both all the time. It has been interesting to watch Will transition into wanting a toy when it is nap and bed time. I did forget to mention that Will did go through a phase where he had to sleep with a toy car of one sort or another - known as "car car".

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