Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For the Love of Coffee

Well, I just had to share what greets me every morning and whenever I need a pick me up (when my husband is home). I have an incredibly talented husband that makes me a vanilla latte every single morning. I just had to brag just a little bit. The great thing is that not only does he make a mean tasting latte, but he makes them soooo pretty too!!! If you can come by for a visit, he'll make you one too.

I also have those adorable boys who greet me in the morning, not with those Starbucks aprons though. My very cute sister who works for Starbucks got the boys the little barista aprons. Aren't those cute.


The Zerbst Family said...

Kevin DOES make a mean coffee. One of the best I've had! That picture has me drooling. I think I'll run right over... *wink*

Shannon said...

I would love a vanilla latte!!!

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