Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh my, it's old... but I do have a card to share.

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Dear friends,

I am continuing to feel better and stronger each day.  I need to keep that strength up since I will continue on my chemo schedule and be in the infusion center this Thursday.  Lucky for us, Kevin's Mom is continuing to stay with us until we get over this next hump.

My Mom had a wonderful friend that was willing to drive her up here (3+ hour drive) since she just had surgery not that long ago.  We had a nice visit and it was good see her.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in such need of so many people at this early stage of the game called life but I am.  One of the things I can say though is that I am ever so grateful that I have so many friends and family that are there for me to be needful of. (phew... I thought I had edited...geesh! if you missed it thank Goodness)

Oh my.... I do have a card to share with you...imagine.  It has been such a long time since I crafted anything (months) and this card was created months ago it seems like.  Still need to get down to my space and do stuff.

As you know... I do a lot of thinking and some of it is appropriate and some of it isn't, but it's funny and sad to me at the same time.  I promise I'll share these future musings and ask your opinions!

Thank you so much for visiting, sharing, and loving me here!

Until next time.



Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Kiddo! I'm so sorry I've been missing in action for so long. I've read several of your recent posts to get me up to speed. Sounds like you are still going through some hell. I was particularly concerned about your issues with being dehydrated and your nutrition issues. I'm not telling you anything new here I'm sure, but both are critical to your well being. I am on Jay all the time about drinking his allocated amount of water everyday. It is a daily battle with him because he doesn't like to drink water. But he spirals down into chaos when he becomes dehydrated. He starts being lethargic and talking crazy and can't even function. I end up having to take him to the emergency room for re-hydration. So as much as I hate yelling at him, I don't let him get away with not drinking his water. There is a sure fire test that a nurse taught me to test for dehydration. Gently pinch the skin on the top of the hand or on the forehead. If it is slow to return to normal position, dehydration is probably an issue. You probably already knew that, but in case you didn't, I wanted to make sure to mention it. I also say if your need home health services GET THEM. Hopefully your insurance will pay for it. Whenever Jay is home from a hospital stay, they send home healthcare nurses here to make sure the hospital care is continued until he is back to normal. I'm so sorry that you are going through so much. It sounds like you've got a good support system. Don't be afraid to use them. Hang in there Katie. . .Hugs to Kevin and the kids. Best, Curt

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

You never know the love of a friend or family member until you need them to be there for you. I wish I lived closer.

Thank you for sharing your old card today. I love that style and the colors are cheery. Look at the stitching too! I really need to add stitching to my creations. You are my motivation!


gramma jacki said...

So happy to hear from you again so soon and beyond happy to hear you are feeling so much better! I echo what Curt says about using your support system - they are there to help you and your family - let them! Stay strong, Katie. Peace and hugs.

Gina said...

Such a pretty card Katie, glad you got round to sharing it with us :D XXX

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

I wish I could be there to help! Think of you ALL the time and I love you so much!

This card is gorgeous! I love the stamps and the pretty ribbon!

Christine from FL said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. You are such an inspirational and amazing women. You are continually in my prayers and thoughts. Beautiful card!

Novice Naturalist said...

Hi Katie! So glad you are feeling better still and that you had a visit with your mom. The card is so lovely. Thank you for sharing it. Thinking of you and sending you strong healing energy!

Linda said...

Hi Katie. So glad to hear you are stronger. One thing that Curt said struck me.. about the dehydration.. you most likely know this stuff, but humor me so I feel useful, lol. Some of your up and downs and highs and lows may be related to the hydration status. It is one area you can tackle.. keep something you like to drink always by your side, and even little sips through the day, all day can help. Also, jello, soups, ice chips, etc. can help.
Again, I am so sorry that you are needing the help, but thankful that you have it.
Oh, btw, I love the card, the background paper is so pretty!

Love and prayers, long distance hugs... Linda

Whimcees said...

Hello Katie!

I love your card -it is beautiful!

I am happy that you are feeling better and gaining strength! It was good that your mom was able to visit with the help of her kind friend. You have a good support system and I know that Kevin's mom will be a wonderful help to you. You are dearly loved.

Wishing you a good day today! Rest and get stronger. Sending you love and keeping you in my prayers every day, as always.


Barbara Diane

Becky Jo said...

Katie, the card is beautiful! TFS I so wish I lived closer to you. I hope you feel the thoughts and hugs I send you everyday! We all need help at one time or another. Let those that offer help you - it will make them feel better, as well as you! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and stronger. Keep up the good work! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers always! Big Hugs!!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Hey there GF! My prayers are still with you -- even though I haven'[t popped in in a long time! Reading about your experiences makes my heart sad you have to go through all of this! I am so happy to see bloggers are still popping in to comment and you have a wonderful support system going on!!

I'm thinking about you!! ~~Vicki

Janine said...

glad to see your card and hope you can create again soon as you do some great stuff. Keep on plodding on (with water in hand). Love to all Janine

Tameko said...

Glad that you are feeling stronger. Continue to lean on your support system. They are in place for a reason. I hope that you feel up to creating soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card. Prayers and Blessing, Tameko

Donna W said...

Isn't this crazy. I don't even know you but I check your blog first thing every day to see how you are doing. I accidentally came across your blog many months ago and am happy that I did. I've cried for you, laughed with you through your stories and gotten to know you a little bit through your writing. Thank you for letting us get a little glimpse into your life. Stay strong even if that means asking for help. Praying for you. Donna W, Canada

Whimcees said...

Hi Katie!

Just checking in to see how you are! Wishing you a good day today!

Hugs and prayers as always!

Barbara Diane

Theresa Momber said...

Popping in to tell you I think of you every day and sending healing hugs your way all the time. Stay strong!!! You are an inspiration to us all.

Linda said...

Katie, the stitching on this card is so straight. Mine always have these frustrating bobbles. Beautiful DP too.

Hugs, thoughts and prayers. Linda C

Carolyn King said...

Thinking of you sweet lady :) Love this fun card and I am hoping that you are having a good day today. xo

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Katie. Haven't been by in a while but you're in my prayers!!!

Your card is lovely, my friend!

Joan B said...

although I read this post when it first came up, I have been rereading your blog so here I am at this post. It has been 2 weeks since you posted and am I am sure these have been rough, or else we would have heard from you.

hope you are coming out of the worst of the chemo days and are able to enjoy some time with the boys and kevin. hugs

Allison said...

Such a pretty that delicate paper!

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