Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedded Bliss

Dear friends,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  I feel for all of you in the hot areas, it is raining here and a balmy 60 degrees - would prefer it to be a tad bit warmer though.

Things are continuing to go pretty well, although I can't help but face the reality that I have to go back eventually and continue with the chemo.  I HATE that knowledge, but for now I'll push that back to the 'ole brain as best as I can.

I am not all symptom free though, my feet are bugging the crap out of me.  We knew that tingling in the hands and feet were a side effect of one of the chemo drugs (Cisplatin), it was just a matter of time.  For me it did take a while though.  It started slowly, where the tingling was noticeable around chemo time and then it has progressed (about a month ago) where the tingling is 24/7 with it being the most annoying at the end of the day.  That part makes sense of course.  The tingling is strange... probably closer to the feeling you get when your feet fall asleep, but not exactly.  They aren't numb and I still have sensitivity, but the tingling is annoying.

Thankfully, my hands don't feel nearly as bad as my feet, they just tend to get stiff.  Unfortunately, we have read that the tingling can end up being a long term side effect and of course we won't have an answer to unless I come off this drug.  And of course, if it gets really bad in my hands I will definitely consider other drug options with my Dr.

The other issue is just upset stomach stuff... not necessarily nausea... just "off".  It's hard to describe and some of it may just be in the 'ole "head"... now I can add being mental to my list.  Kevin insists that there is a lot that I don't remember with my short term memory.  I guess I don't remember not remembering so I think I'm just fine (lol).

But I'll take all of the above considering that I'm not throwing up every day... so now...


Here are a couple of wedding cards that I created for some friends whose daughter is getting married next month.  I wanted to offer a couple of different styles for them to choose from, but I enjoyed creating them both.

I don't normally do insides except for a sentiment but these are extra special.

(Stamps use on both cards are Waltzingmouse Stamps)

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time.



Kathy said...

Love your comment "I guess I don't remember not remembering"...I can say that too, but not because of chemo-just age! It's great that you're not throwing up every day, so a blessing in reality if you're just off. I adore both cards, but if I were choosing the second one would be my personal favorite! That dress is amazing and I love the dot texture. Really beautiful, Katie!

Christine from FL said...

I love both of the cards! I love the colors you used on the first one and the second one is so elegant! Thinking of you often.

Suzi said...

So nice to visit with you today. I get behind, too, but I eventually have to read all your posts. I want to keep up and see how you are doing! Getting licensed to ride a motorcycle! That caught me off guard! You go, girl! I have the tingling feet thing, too, a side effect of one of my meds. It's not just tingling. It's downright painful at times, isn't it? It hurts less if my feet are on the floor, even standing on them, but the more I am on them, the more they hurt when I do raise them. Catch 22 thing, I guess. Oh, the things we do to eventually feel better! I have a scan next month. Sure hoping I'll be able to come off some meds. In the meantime, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Amen! :o)

cbuswell said...

These are really beautiful, love the green. Yay for not throwing up! : )

Sue from Oregon said...

Katie these cards are absolutely stunning. That WM dress is gorgeous!

Marsha said...

Love both of them, Katie. Did you make the yellow flower. If I had to choose, I pick the white. (Love the whole white bride thing.) Love the swiss dots and the lace. Both cards are beautiful, though.

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Katie,

Hope you will have a chance on feeling better! Good to see you're making cards, though! These are sooo stylish and pretty! the dress is a beauty, love it! Both are gorgeous, but personally I like the first one better in colors! Wishing you all the best!

Hugs, Wendy

Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling a little better, Katie! Enjoy it while you can. I've often told my husband that I think the people that can't remember are better off. That way you live for today and the heck with the rest of it! And really, there is much more to remember today than there used to be so it's no wonder we "forget".
I love your cards! They are both beautiful, but I like the second one best. Guess I'm kinda a plain gal.
Have a great week! Hugs, Becky Jo

GlitteryKatie said...

Hey Katie- just wanted to check in and say 'Hi' from me, Katie England!!!
Love the cards glad you are feeling brighter today!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh gorgoeus card, Katie! I love both of them! Your husband says you don't have a great short term memory -well -mine says that too! ;) Husbands!;) Glad you feeling a wee bit better! That tingling - my husband has that from some sort of unknown cause nerve damage. I know he can't quite describe it either, but finally a neurogist prescribed Gabapentin for him -and that helped quite a bit.

Keep feeling well! I think of you often!


IamDerby said...

I love your cards, I really really love the green one. I am sorry your feet are bugging you. That sounds like something that would drive me insane!! Here is to hoping that it doesn't get any worse.

Lorraine said...

Wow, gorgeous cards, Katie! I love them both - the green card is so pretty and the black/white one is so regal looking. And I think that tingling thing would drive me crazy, too.

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