Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tidbits and Wedding Cards

Hi friends!

Wow... we made it to swimming lessons yesterday, but not without some angst!  So we get there and realize that Hunter and I did not communicate very well and we had no towels or goggles.  Then we get in there to pay and come to the realization that I had signed up for the 9:30am slot, but we were there at 11:00am - oops.  Luckily, they are very nice there and the boys went ahead and did their lesson, but I still had to race (and I mean race) back home for towels.  I didn't make it back on time, but was only a few minutes late, but when I got there the boys were all shivering.  Thankfully, there happened to be a friend there that was chatting with the boys.  When i first got there, I thought there was some strange lady probably asking the boys where their negligent mother was...

This next little anecdote is pretty funny and a reflection of our times.  I purchased some work books for the boys at the teacher store here in town and Nate was working on his but wanted me to "delete" a couple of letters he had written down.  I told him that it wasn't called "deleting", but "erasing".  Well, he continues to interchange the word "delete" for "erase"... quite funny!

And finally, my last little story happened when we were driving south over the weekend.  I don't know what the laws are elsewhere in the country, but here we have lots of casinos on Indian Reservations.  They are dotted quite extensively along the freeway and are quite conspicuous.  Anyway, there is one particular casino that runs quite a few commercials on tv, so as we are driving by one of them, Nate and Will pipe up, "is that Mukleshoot Casino?"  Kevin and I looked at each other and said, "nice, do you think they watch too much tv?"


Now for the crafty stuff, here are the wedding cards that I've been working on.

(images from Papertrey ink)

(image Waltzingmouse Stamps and sentiment is Justrite Stamps)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Tuesday!

Until next time.



Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Kids are hilarious! Brady asked me "why don't we ever go to State Farm?" I think he thinks it's an actual farm and not an insurance company.

Beautiful cards, Katie! I love the wedding dress one!

Sue from Oregon said...

Had to laugh at the delete comment! Our world is certainly changing! Love your creations today and esp love how you fit the wedding sentiment onto the tag nestie. So very pretty!

Grandma Nancy said...

Cute stories! I recognized myself in the first one!! I think they all watch too much TV...not just your boys! And the cards are so pretty. I love all of the wedding ones I've seen your post. Great job.

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Katie!

Loved reading your stories! Ha ha, guess in the future erase won't exist anymore in the dictionary! ;-) Pretty cards with you today! Love especially the colors in that first one, very very nice!!!

Hugs, Wendy

Linda said...

Oh, did I get behind..missed 3 days of blogdom... been some rough days here! Thank you so much for the laughs.. it made me think back to missing towels, and shoes and stuff. The times that make you sure you will end up on the highway sign as a symbol for lousy mothers everywhere.
Love the kids expressions..my dgt used to have a way of hearing words a little different then the rest of the world.
rediculous= real dickulous
annoying= a noy noy
etc. Oh, I miss those days.
thanks for the trip back.
(love your cards.. you have been on an amazing roll)

Donna C said...

I wish that I had taken more videos and kept a journal of all the funny things that came out of my kids' mouths. They give us the biggest smiles. WOW, your cards are really gorgeous. The wedding card is so perfect -- subdued yet very elegant. See you next time.

~amy~ said...

LOL...love the kid stories...there are a ton of casinos in washington...good grief. LOVE your wedding cards...sooo pretty!

Julia Aston said...

Hi Katie! sounds like you had a hectic day at the pool - but nice that it all worked out in the end! Both of your cards are so pretty! love the WMS gown!

Emily Painter-Davis said...

You are just like us other moms... forget and redo forget and redo...
Love the stories.
Gorgeous cards my friend.
Hugs & blessings,

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