Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clear Dollar Stamps new release stuff and more update

Today's Shout Outs:

Shell, Barbara Diane, Donna C, Kate, Donna McE (4), Sue C, Bill R, Nancy E, Jeanette Y, Kelly B,
 Donna V, Bobbi-Lynn,  Patricia (cardashare), Jan Y (entire box of goodies), Peg C, Sandy D, Saskia, Theresa M, Sue C, Candy F, Joan B

Edited to add:  
Slap me upside the head... just want to give a shout out to ALL my male craft/blogging friends too (lol).  You are definitely a minority, but you guys make a huge impact and I know I speak for all the crafty "ladies"... We LOVE YA!!!


Hi friends!  I'm so behind with my shout outs... so sorry and I so hope I didn't miss anyone.  I need to take photos as well and add them to the gallery.  I'm behind in other things as well so you all will just have to be patient with me while I get things scanned and/or take some photos to share with you.

I've been feeling good.  Standard kind of huffing and puffing as I traversed from upstairs to downstairs etc, but not bad at all.  I took no medication today for nausea because I had none... I did have a headache and did end up taking some Tylenol though. Maybe tomorrow will be sorta medication free.  I have to be honest and say that I really dislike taking any of my medication and especially the nausea stuff.

My card ladies took me to lunch today as well and I seriously love these women.  They take such good care of me and treat me regularly.  Marsha is coming to visit tomorrow and is bringing treats and picking up laundry... again, another lovely lady to love!  I truly am blessed with all my friends and I really have to thank my lucky stars for such wonderful  support near and far.

It's funny because I still get e-mails and cards from you ladies that say that you are strangers, but you aren't.  I don't view any ONE of you as strangers at all... comments or no.

So, Kevin and I had a lovely weekend in Seattle.  He and a buddy got to go on a factory demo ride on a Ducati motorcycle which he enjoyed very much.  There were even "Ducati" girls to take pictures with and serve espresso... (lol)

Eden and I spent that time shopping around in downtown Seattle and got a quick visit with an old high school friend too!  Not bad at all.  It's kind of weird to think that I can be so ill feeling, spend Wednesday night in the hospital and then feel decent enough to travel down to Seattle by Friday (via motorcycle too).

I also have some more cards to share with you super quick...  These stamps and dies are now available at Clear Dollar Stamps.. super cute I tell you!


Enjoy your day and thanks so much for visiting.

Until next time.



Gina said...

I know you say your feeling happier, but your cards SHOW you are!!! Gorgeous selection :D XXX

Chef Mama Lori said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I huff & puff on the stairs without cancer or chemo! ;) How nice that you got to go for the weekend with Kevin. Of course I have to show Phil the picture of the Ducati, but he'll be jealous and might have to find a dealer so he can try one out! LOL! You're a good wife, too. I might have slapped Phil if he sat that close to a Ducati girl! hee-hee. Your cards are beautiful as always. Hope tomorrow is totally drug free for you sweet one!

Kathy said...

Cute cards, Katie! I am so glad to know you are out and about and you have such good friends to come, take you out and cheer you up! And Marsha, I'm beginning to believe is really an angel. Truly a blessing, Katie. How awesome you went out on the motorcycle...my dh wishes I would be so daring!
hugs to you:)

Bobbi-Lynn said...

So thankful to hear you are feeling better. And wonderful that you were able to get away, sounds like a great time!!
I know you have all these up and down times, but you are very strong and handle those down times so well. Continue to take advantage of those up times, they are what helps you during the hard times. (((hugs))) Glad you got my card. I have been wanting to send it for a while, but we had a postal strike here in Canada, and I had to hold onto it until it was settled after a few weeks.

Bobbi-Lynn said...

Oh and your cards are precious!!! I copy and saved them all the time in my 'card idea file' ;-)

Ted said...

Although I'm not one of the "ladies" you mentioned, I don't feel as we're strangers either, Katie. You have shared much of your life with me and I appreciate that.

I'm so happy to hear that you felt well enough to spend time in Seattle and also time with your friends for lunch. :) I'm grateful that you had a day free of nausea as well! I know how much I hate that feeling... but to go through it daily would be unbearable. I admire your bravery. :)

Susan said...

Oh, Katie! I am rejoicing in your good days and the fun that you are having. I am so very happy that you are nausea-free. And your trip to Seattle sounds like wonderful medicine!

Saskia said...

Hello Katie!

Wow... you've been so creative, great cards!!!! So good to read you're feeling better!!!

BIG hug, Saskia :)

cbuswell said...

ooh lots of creativity going on, love the hot air balloons and banner card especially! Yay for feeling better!! : )

Donna C said...

I am so happy to read an ordinary post from an ordinary girl -- good times and gorgeous cards. We are all so thankful that you are feeling well and getting out and enjoying good times. Until next time, donna

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful to read such a happy post ans see such beautiful, creative cards. Love you, MIL

Claire said...

It is great to see you in such good form, I hope it will get better as the month goes on. Love all your cards as well,they show things are going good for you.
Claire xxx

Linda said...

Love the fact that you are feeling better! Your cards show the joy! As usual, they make me want to run to buy the stamps you use! My prayer for today? Lord, thank you so much for leading Katie and the docs to see just what her body needed to feel stronger! Thank you for the relief physically and mentally! I ask that you give her a wonderful month, a healthy appetite, and a great time of mom stuff with her precious kids!

seamom said...

I have been following your blog for a short while now, and I think you are a very courageous woman and a super talented stamp artist! Clear Dollar Stamps are new to me, and as I'd hate to miss out on any thing in the world of stamping, I MUST check them out, (and tell them that Katie sent me). (:-)

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