Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Swimming

Dear friends,

Second post for today, (for you Donna C) what is going on you ask?  Nothing, except there is a lot happening right now and I'm grateful for it.  I want to extend my thanks to my wonderful neighbor who has been taking my kids to their swimming lessons along with her own.

It was very odd for me not to be there with the boys last week.  Because of the way I felt as well as Dr. appointments etc, I wasn't able to go along until Friday and it really put me out of wack, but thankfully I have such support that the boys were still able to enjoy these lessons.

Here are some pictures from last Friday. Here are pictures of Nate (ahhh... and I forgot his goggles) but he went in anyway after the waililng though :)

Here are some pictures of Will, it was chilly Friday too (poor kids)

Here are a few of Hunter doing the diving board... now, Hunter has been going here since he was 5 and now he is 11.  He is in the independent level, but do you notice the other kids in his class?  He is so big compared to the others :) but he is still enjoying himself despite the age difference of the kids in the group.

Thanks for stopping by!  And yes, I am feeling "normal" as "normal" is.

Until next time.



Kathy said...

Oh how neat, Katie! Sweet neighbor for taking your kids, looks like they had a great time:)

Gina said...

Great to see your kids having such a great time :D And I think it must be a generation thing, cos my 11 year old is built like your son too :D XXX

Donna C. said...

--and wonderful fun was had by all!--Your kids are just adorable!!

thekolbes said...

Looks like lots of fun

Tameko said...

Happy kids, good neighbors, and you feeling normal...God is good!

Grandma Nancy said...

Good to hear you have help and are feeling normal! Have a great day.

donna calamari said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. Pictures of the little ones make me nostalgic for when my kids learned to swim. The pictures of Hunter with the small children made me laugh. First, it reminds me of my son who took iceskating when he was about 9 or ten. The other kids were much younger and he looked so funny practicing on the ice with the small children. It also reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes karate with small boys. Very funny!

Susan said...

I love the pictures of happy normal times!

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