Monday, December 7, 2009

Some "thank you" cards

Yes, I do have something for you to look at, but there is a story behind these cards. Here is my dilemma.

Hubby wanted some thank you cards to send to my Dad or some generic "man" cards. Well, he's very specific about the cards he sends out.

He's not a fan of layers, embellishments, or what he calls "weird", "foo foo", "girly" etc colors and/or patterns, etc.

So to the left you can see the 1st batch of cards I made. My goal was to be simple, but generic as well. Well, if you didn't guess yet, he did not like these at all. These he considered to be too girly and there was only maybe one that he considered "ok".

BTW, I used Papertrey ink products ( Turning a new leaf stamp set and paper) along with a Close to my Heart sentiment set.

So, I went with just one card and this is what I ended up with. He was ok with this second one and I believe it was because of the animal. I did get to do a bit of inking and that was about it. I used Versamark and then sponged the entire background as well as used my woodgrain embossing folder.

I used all CTMH for this card.

So.. the point is that I need to make "manly" cards that a man would want to send out, not just what I think is more "manly"... make sense? Either way, I thought it was a funny story.

Hunter gets to use the first batch to write his thank you's.

Thanks for popping by and have a great Monday. Its early release today and I haven't figured out if I want to squeeze errands in before or after school lets out. Oh, the hard questions huh?


Holly said...

oh wow, I love those first ones!

Lauren said...

Fabulous cards Katie! I'm sure the recipients will be grateful.

Leslie said...

men, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Can't make cards for them either. What do we women know. You obviously know how to make nice cards, just not MANLY enough cards.

Candy F. said...

This made me laugh. The first batch of cards was perfect and not girly but whatever, right? I do love the second card you did too.

Joan Ervin said...

All your cards are gorgeous, Katie....I especially love the PTI leaf and all the beautiful papers you used!! How nice that your DH sends thank you DH lets me do that job!!!

Alex Maldonado said...

Katie, these are so lovely!! You're such an inspiration!! :) I gifted you with an award on my blog since you're so cool (not to mention always so nice to me when I'm being a pest! lol...)


Becky Sorensen said...

These are all awesome!! I don't know what you are going to do with that man!!! LOL

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