Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 pictures to share and some musings

Hi everyone! As most of you know my mother in law visited last week and one of the things she helped me do was make some Strawberry Jam. I had never made jam before and it was a lot of fun and it turned out yummy! I will definitely do this again. Here is one jar that I sent back with her to share with Grandpa. Nothing too terribly fancy about it, just played with a couple of stamps here and there to "jazz" it up just a tad.

(circle border on top is a PTI stamp and everything else is are Clear Dollar Stamps)

My next photo is just one that I found very humorous and a perfect image to capture. I was so glad that I had my camera to snap it. There have been times that there have been the perfect image of something but no camera. I should really just carry it around everywhere I go.

Anyway, we had just dropped MIL off at the airport and had to stop by to get our espresso beans. We love a place in Seattle that has the best fresh beans and try to pick them up if we are in the area. We were at a stop light and I looked over and this is what I saw.

It also made me think about how isolated we all want to be. If we have head phones in our ears or are texting/working on some sort of electronic device then we aren't being rude to those next to us, but if we were all standing side by side with strangers without anything excelpt ourselves then there is always the "awkward" silences if no one speaks. The niceties of conversation seem to be lost in our new world of technology.

Just an observation and I "think" a funny picture or at least one worth noting.

One last thing... if you have been interested in a guest design team position at Clear Dollar Stamps is that time again. Go and have fun and submit your card... you never know :) CLICK HERE for all the dirty details.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Biscuitlid said...

that's one fantastic photo and so true what you've written.

Thanks for posting it, it gave me a good giggle looking at it - the second one, not the jam!


Tricia said...

What a telling picture of our world. It reminds me of the book the Phantom Tollbooth where the people never looked around and didn't even realize that their town was no longer there. Makes you think, doesn't it!!

Your jam looks wonderful. I canned tomatoes for the first time yesterday and felt very Suzy Homemaker-ish. :-)

Jackie said...

Wouldn't it be funny if they were texting each other!

Sue from Oregon said...

Yum...I wish that label said "Just for SUE" LOL I thought that cellphone pic was staged until I read your info...I bet someone could come up with some pretty great captions for that! Oh I just made the prettiest card with Clear Stamps too!

Candy F. said...

The texting picture is a classic! The jam looks so yummy and I'm sure you enjoyed making it. And I'm really sure you will enjoy eating it.

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