Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a night and day so far... and happy spring

Yikes! What a night last night. First, I stayed up way too late (seems par for the course recently), then as soon as I was ready for bed, the twins decided to wake up and want in bed with us. We are the proud owners of a queen size bed so add TWO 2 year olds to the mix and it gets a bit crowded. So, after I get settled in some weird awkward position with no pillow and fall asleep, I wake up to the sounds of the dog hurling. I groggily get up and of course as I walk in the hallway, what would I step in? Of course the dog barf!!! Nice huh!!! So, I clean that up, let the dog out, and get back in bed. Then at some later point, I wake up to a finger jabbing me and its my 8 year old saying that he doesn't feel well and that he thinks he has to throw up. Well, hello dear, go to the bathroom and barf. So off he goes.

Suffice it to say that I didn't get much sleep after that and today has been just one of those days. Hunter has continued his vomiting ways and the twins are just doing their thing.

The card is one I did a while ago. I hope I haven't already posted it (haha). I think the first day of spring was either yesterday, is today, or will be tomorrow. Did I cover it all? Close to my Heart came out with this really cool shimmery paint. I'm not big into painting anything, but this was fun. I stamped my flowers, then painted, let dry, and cut out. Lots of sanding on this card and of course, all the flowers are pop dotted!

Cardstock:White Daisy, Lilac Mist, Pansy Purple, Sweet Leaf (CTMH), Ink: Lilac Mist, Sweet Leaf, Grey Wool (CTMH), Stamps: Eastertime (CTMH), Other: Scor Pal, Sanding, Paint a Shade (CTMH)

I hope everyone else is having a perfectly lovely day!


Lauren said...

This card is gorgeous. I love the soft flowers. I hope your pooch is feeling better Katie!

Anonymous said...

i love the card, i will have to try those new paints out very cool, I hope all will be well on the homefront soon!

Heather said...

This is cute.. hope your day got better!

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