Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RAK card

Its beautiful here in the NW. I have to tell you when the weather is good here, there is nowhere prettier, although it is still pretty chilly, so I'll amend and say that during the spring and summer (when its not too hot) then its perfect. Sounds like I'm being pretty picky huh? :)

Well, I was going to post two cards that I'm sending to a couple of fellow Papertrey fans, but to be honest, I only really like this one. The other one, I combined some other product and its nice, but... (you know how it is).

So, here's the one. All products are PTI and the stamp sets that I used are Out on a Limb and Borders and Corners (square).

Hope you all have a fab day!!



Theresa Tyree said...

Katie, I really love this card. Now I'm inspired to bring out my PTI stamps again and play.

I love your new avatar. You're such a beautiful girl-inside and out. I love your curly hair. Gorgeous.

Lauren said...

This is such a beautiful card. The layout and the color combination are stunning.

Anonymous said...

so purty! i love your stuff you know it! I tagged you check out my blog to see what you do

Mary said...

I love the way you cropped the limb like that. It's such a pretty card.

I just got my Out on a Limb set on Monday and I can't wait to play more.

Laura said...

This is just stunning!

Theresa Tyree said...

Guess what I have in my hot little hands? (well, I had to put it down to type- hee hee)

It's so beautiful! A keeper for sure! You are such a sweetie for surprising me! You must've read my mind b/c I was planning on sending you one too (saw your addy on Lynn's RAK list) but I haven't made one yet! I've only made one PTI card and it was the one I sent to Lois.
I better get crackin'!
Thanks so much for the sweet surprise!

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