Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its Christmas in the Limelight with Tutorial

Good morning! I am seriously excited to share my Limelight Papercrafts project with you today. Let me start off by saying that Mandy has stocked the store with so many wonderful holiday papers, stamps, and embellishments that you will be able to find something just for you.

The challenge for us - the 7 chicks was to create an ornament and either a card of packaging to accompany it. I chose a wonderful project that I ran across over at Martha Stewart online. As soon as I saw this paper ornament, I thought of my favorite Christmas paper of this season. The cardstock that I chose is from TaDa (Twinkling Tidings) and incorporates some of my favorite winter colors - blues, whites, and a hint of brown. The blue snowflake side of the paper also has just a hint of shimmer too.

Martha provided directions for her ornament, but I thought I would share my tutorial with the products that I used. I also made a special box to house my ornament and attached a little tag as well. Surprisingly, hardly any stamping, just lots of pretty paper.
Materials for Ornament

Cardstock of Choice
Liquid Glue
Pop Dots
Circle Die Cut or any shape of choice
Paper cutter or Punch
Hole Punch

Step 1: Cut your cardstock into twelve 1 1/2" squares

Step 2: Curl square pieces into cone shapes. It isn't absolutely necessary that the bottom of your cone matches up "perfectly" since the center is supposed to have some sort of die cut or embellishment that will cover it up.

*** I'm just using the tweezers so I can take a better picture***

Step 3: Add glue to one of the edges. I used the tube of glue that came from a small variety pack of Martha Stewart Glitter from Walmart. That little tube is awesome, but if you don't have that, then you should use some sort of blue that has a point as this makes it easier to apply.

Step 4: Hold your cone between your pointer finger and thumb and press for about 10 -15 seconds and that should be long enough to hold it. Set aside to dry thoroughly - really only a few minutes.

Step 5: Continue gluing all squares into cones.

Step 6: Add glue to your 2 1/4" Circle (wrong side)

Step 7: Adhere all 12 cones around the circle. *** Hint *** you can draw a 2 lines in a cross shape that will evenly divide the circle into 4 quarters. This makes it easier to get the cones centered nice and even. Seams will be facing up.

Step 8: Once all the cones are in place I used a bone folder to push the cones down onto my circle.

Step 9: This is when you get to play with the fun stuff - glitter. Just squirt a little bit of glue in a cone and spread out evenly. I used a small paint brush for this.

Step 10: Work on one cone at a time so your glue doesn't dry. I just poured glitter into the cone, swirled around and then dumped it back into the container. You can see the difference between the glittered cone and the plain cone.

Step 11: When all my cones were glittered I used 2 small pop dots in the center and layered them on top of each other.

Step 12: Adhere center die cut or punch to the front of your ornament. In my case I used my new Nestability (Pinking Circles) that I just received. I layered 2 different sizes and glittered the center piece.

Step 13: Punch a hole at the top of one cone. To thread ribbon, I folded my length in 1/2 and threaded the folded part through the hole.

Step 14: Pull ribbon up through the hole to the desired length for a holder. With the 2 tails left, tie into a bow and you are done!

Here is a another picture of the finished ornament, box, and gift tag attached. I will post a
tutorial on how I made my box tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you go visit the other 6 chicks for some wonderful holiday ideas.

Jen Marie
Jessica (7th Chick)
Mandy (owner)

I hope everyone has a great day and thanks again for visiting. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the box tutorial.

Cardstock: GP White, TaDa (available at Limelight)
Ink: Versamark
Stamps: Bitty Christmas Tags (Unity Co - available at Limelight)
Other: Ribbon (at Limelight), Martha Stewart Glue, Prisma Glitter, Transparency, Rectangle and Pinking Nesties, Scor-Pal, Hole Punch


IamDerby said...

Hey Katie this is really pretty!

Desire Fourie said...

This is absolutely stunning and what an easy tutorial to follow. Will definitely have to try my hand at this. Thank you so much for being so sharing with your ideas. Warm regards

Jennifer said...

Wow, what a gorgeous project! And your tutorial was very easy to follow. I am so wanting to try it myself.

Jill Cooper said...

How super cute and creative!! Thanks for sharing how to do it, this is awesome and I love that paper :)

Gretchen said...

WOW! This is so pretty! Thank you so much for the instructions- I think I'm going to give it a try!

Ryann said...

how very cute this is Katie! I love it!

Jess said...

This is soooo gorgeous! I love blue and white, and this ornament is SO much fun! I love it!!! Thanks for the tutorial. I will definitely try this!

Brandi Parshley said...

Katie that is so awesome! I can't wait to try one! I love all the pictures and directions!

Lisa H. said...

OMG! this is AMAZING! It is sooooo pretty and now I am excited as ever to get this paper. wonderful tutorial, thanks so much for sharing it!

JenMarie said...

Gorgeous ~ STUNNING!!! WOW!

Becky Carafa said...

Katie, this is just beautiful! Great project - my favorite part is the glitter!

Mandy said...

This is such a WOW ornament! And, yes, VERY easy to follow tutorial! :) The shimmer, the snowflakes, the shape of the ornament, the box....everything coordinates so perfectly.

Yamma Mamma said...

Love it! This is beautiful!

Ashley Newell said...

This is stunning! Thank you for the tutorial!

Lauren said...

This is gorgeous Katie! Thank you for the tutorial. The paper ornament is so pretty and the presentation is divine!

Lisa said...

Beautiful ornament and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us. The blue and white paper is so elegant.

Toni said...

Its beautiful katie

Unknown said...

Beautiful job Katie - lovely ornament and fab box!!

Anonymous said...

my eye's got big when I saw this cute tutorial from you! so cute!

Gloria Stengel said...

Katie, it's stunning. But the thought of all that glue on my hands...eeewwww. LOL Maybe someone who LOVES me will make one and give it to me! hee hee

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous!! the paper is just fabulous!!! i'm going to try it and hope that mine comes out half as good as's so pretty...

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Ohhhh, great tutorial and a georgous gift box! Thank you, I must go try that now!!

Cheryl said...

Katie I love your Ornament and have a couple that I posted on my blog. I did link to you so I just want to say thank you for a great tutorial.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful!! I must try it! THANK YOU so much for the great tutorial!!!

Donna said...

Your ornament is beautiful Katie!

Laura Lawrence said...

This is awesome, I can't wait to go and try one myself. What a great gift to give.

Thanks again!

Conniecrafter said...

This is soooo pretty, thanks for sharing!

ateliersdeval said...

oh thank you very much it's so beautiful !!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Pam Leng said...

Wow this is amazing thank you so much for this tutorial.

Pam xx

Sandra Azzopardi said...

Thank you so much for these instructions! I'm linking to this post on my blog. You can check it out at

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